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  • Andrew Andrew Mar 2, 2012 20:51 Flag

    Leeds v Southampton

    Even if new players come in (Danny Webber excepted), Neil is likely to play an unchanged side:
    LEEDS 4-2-3-1 (AKA 6-4!)
    Bromby, Lees, O'Dea, Pugh;
    Brown, Clayton;
    Snodgrass, McCormack, White;
    They will be facing:
    Richardson, Fonte, Hooiverd, Fox;
    Chaplow, Cork, Schneiderlin, Lallana;
    Lambert, Do Prado.
    Leeds will have to mark Lambert, Lallana, and Cork out of the game, leaving hoof and hope long balls as our attacking threat... This will not be a pretty spectacle but, if it produces a result, who cares!
    I am hoping Neil and the lads can spring a few surprises to wrong-foot Southampton, but expecting another, unwanted, draw - 1-1

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    • Mathematically, it is still possible for Leeds to make the play-offs but it will pretty much require us to win all of our remaining fixtures. With the way the lads played on Saturday, it is a possibility. However, as you point out, Easy, we will need luck and I cannot see that extending to 12 games.
      The effort our team put in on Saturday will have consequences in terms of tired legs, injuries etc. Despite Bates' protests that our squad is too large, when key players are injured, it actually looks thin and vulnerable.
      As usual, the loan players the manager has targeted to strengthen the team are not forthcoming - although other clubs seem to have no recruitment problems - and our challenge this season is, at best, forlorn hope.
      Cynically, I still believe Bates does not want Leeds promoted until 2013 - it would open a can or worms - and will be happy to keep fans involved through watching heroic but losing performances for the rest of this season.

    • 6 points Hull and Boro you never know?

    • Thats it then, or do you think he will do it again?

    • Yeah, good game, bad result! It looks as if things are going to Bates' plan - promotion next year.
      Last night here was an interesting programme on BBC 2 about how Warnock took QPR to the EPL... probably not broadcast in Oz but you should be able to see it on the Beeb's website 'playback' feature.

    • Man Management Lotto, man management, together with the teeney weeney bit of luck wins games!

    • It's amazing what a man manager can do M.O.T

    • I agree a great performance by all we should have had 3 or four and a clear penalty,but their keeper who had the game of his life.On yesterdays game the lads can only get better

    • One of the greatest travesties of justice ever seen.
      They looked like a different team than the one that played for Larry, and you could not complain at the commitment given by every player on the park.
      We made one mistake in the match and were severely punished, but the signs were very good and if they play that way under Colin then we will surely get promotion in the near future. He has obviously instilled a huge amount of confidence in every player and although lacking top quality, there wasn't a player on the park who didn't give his all.
      Not a good result, but certainly hope for next season.

    • Southampton will also have to mark Becchio, Snoddy, McCormack and Clayton coming through Andy. Lets give them something to worry about instead of the other way. If NW has done his job and I feel sure he has then we can beat them by going around the back of their fullbacks and pulling the ball back and away from Davis for our lads to come onto. From what I have seen of them their defence and goalkeeper have been exposed and suspect to wide balls coming in. My choice would be Sam and not White. My worry is if our back four push up too high early on and we loose possession then Bingo ...chasing the game again.
      A Warnock win for me against the odds. Reason being a point looks good on paper but not good enough to boost confidence for the next few crucial games or move us up the table.

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      • Colin has had another week to tighten the defense even more, and at this stage let's assume he has had had some success.
        He will have studied the tapes of the Saints defeats and should have learnt from those as well. So all things being equal and if our players can perform from the beginning of the match (which has been a problem recently), I think we can win this one, especially if the crowd can motivate the players more than usual.
        I am hoping and praying (that's in a song somewhere) this will be the case and think it could be 2-0 if we can shackle Lambert.

      • Got this one live in Australia at 4am, cannot wait! MOT!

    • Prob right Andy, I'm going with 3 - 0 nil Leeds but we all know my prediction ;) M.O.T