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  • There was only one team in it from start to finish for me, a good compact performance from you guys. McCormack star man buzzing all over the place, steady defence with Brownie tidying up at the back with ease.
    Boro were absolute shyte, couldn't string 2 passes together and never looked dangerous. What was that sending off all about.
    H---well done, chins up.

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    • Build it Lotto and they will come, 30.000 crowds. The four C's the key to success Continuity, Consistency, Confidence and Composure. Just need to have a bit more composure in the final third. The score could have been four or five nil with a bit more composure in front of goal. Eagerness to please old Warlock no doubt. It will be Interesting to see how Nolan responds to a bit of special attention from B & C this weekend. I thought they were immense and the rest were close behind. Another relatively redundant match for Lonny.Changed days indeed, long may it last, the PRIDE is back :-)

    • Tell you what chaps if we can sneak into the playoffs, who knows what can happen a team full of confidence working for each other, solid defence and like you say that touch of finesse were missing ala Sheridan/winger etc we could do it? M.O.T Warnock gets his 30k crowd

    • The last three games just shows what Warnock is all about,moulding the team into a unit and playing for each other.More of that will hopefully see us in the playoff places

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      • Although it was an easy win in the end I feel we are missing a little class.
        Colin has shown his experience in the loan players he has brought in with Webber and Robinson bringing experience whereas Simon's loanees were more youthful (on the whole) and looked for a bit of flair.
        At QPR he had Tarabt who in this division was in a class of his own, and I feel we need someone of that ilk to really take us to new heights for the rest of the season. Doubt if we will find one though.

    • More a Tornado than a Breeze Al, they were simply blown away.
      Robson paid Clayton a back handed compliment Al and an encore to boot. :-) ) Warlock weaves his spell and long may it last. The tide has turned onwards and upwards. MOT

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      • Tom. please don't start winding Al up or we'll never hear the end of it!
        The Clayton and Robson scuffle was a case of handbags. The ref should have cautioned both. The moot point was whether Robson putting-in a retaliatory kick and, ineptly, missing constitutes an automatic red card.
        Warnock (AKA Warlock) certainly has put a bit of magic into Leeds' performance.

    • Boro obviously below par, but our first half performance was probably one of the best of the season.
      Robinson had a stormer, and could be a great addition to the squad, and moving white was a great move by Colin. McCormack played out of his skin and you couldn't fault anyone.
      If we can keep that standard till the end of the season there is still hope.

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      • Were Boro below par, or out-manoeuvred by a better manager?
        Leeds played well, though not as well as against Southampton. The difference was that, today, a couple of shots on goal went in - neither of which would win a goal of the week award. To progress, Leeds needs to improve on clinical finishing.