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  • With weekend matches, and a week to prepare, Colin sets the side up for the high octane performances we’ve seen against Southampton and Middlesbrough. However, in the midweek game against Hull our performance, though still good, was sluggish. This could be a worry when, with only three days for recovery and planning, we face our next opponent.
    After playing West Ham next weekend, on the 17th of March, we have Notts Forest, at home, on the 20th and Millwall, away, on the 24th.
    In April, after playing Reading, away, on the 6th, we have Derby at home on the 9th. Then, after playing Peterborough at home on the 14th, we have Blackpool, away, on the 17th, and Cardiff, also away, on the 21st.
    Any preparation time for games coming in rapid succession that Colin and the team have will be limited. Players’ legs will be tired and Colin will have to use rotation to maintain the tempo of play he has set Leeds up to produce. I am sure Colin is aware of this and will have looked at options for including ‘fringe’ players in the mix - Nunez, Paynter, Forssell, Vayrynen, Bromby, O’Brien, Bruce, Thompson etc - but it is still a worry.
    To amass 75 points, the minimum requirement for a top six finish (based on last season’s results) Leeds needs another 22 points. That means we have to win at least seven of our next ten games and draw one - meaning, we can only lose two games. Depending on the outcome of the Hammers match, to have any chance of achieving this minimum entry total, Colin may yet have to recruit another couple of loan signings.

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    • The 2007 administration demanded that Leeds pay creditors if it returned to the Prem within five years. 2013 is the first year Leeds can escape its obligations to creditors. However, during 'negotiations', Bates offered to extend it to ten years - so, 2018 - but, like everything to do with Bates, this offer is opaque and probably not legally binding. Either way, whoever told you payback is due in 2015 got it wrong.

    • I`ve given that "foive" Andy! Anybody for "Fiddler on The Roof"?

    • Somebody told me the administration payback runs until 2015 can anyone confirm this?

    • Sound analysis Andy however Warnock will not want to "tinker" with his opted eleven unless he has to. Continuity has proved a point about the capability of his first eleven. Confidence is restored and they are playing for each other and defending in depth, something we did not see when SG was in charge.I feel that they are more than capable of coping with the remainder of games and see no reason why we should not succeed. The fact that we have played so well in front of the cameras will have sent a few messages out to our competitors..Beware Leeds are back. Teams around us Andy are also going to drop points, its Squeaky B time, so we may not need the "bench mark of 75". MOT, without the toilet roll.

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      • Tom, I agree with you about the importance of ‘continuity’ (in an earlier post I think you also mentioned ‘consistency’, ’composure’ and ‘confidence’); it is like a miracle how Colin has sorted out not only our defence but got the whole team playing as a unit. Rather than just his opted XI, I imagine Colin has motivated the whole squad with the belief in playing for each other. When I mentioned rotation, I was not suggesting wholesale team changes but subtle substitutions to relieve player fatigue, involve fringe players’ hopes, and, maybe, keep other sides’ managers guessing about how to set up against us. As you say, it was something we did not see when Larry was in charge.
        Talking of miracles, Colin might just produce another and get Leeds into the play-offs.
        The magic is back at Leeds!

      • Good post Andy! Colin, Continuity & Confidence will be the key factors in the run in.
        I still think we will need 75 points, Tom, which will be nigh on impossible, but lets hope we can do the impossible. As long as we don't win the next 7 and lose the last 3 we still have a shout, and let's hope those around us lose more than we do.
        MOT with the toilet roll!

    • PS: I forgot to include Parker in the fringe players, and assumed Rogers (although he has not really featured) is still a serious first team option. The need for further loan signings is based on us having only one designated Right Back. Also, having just loaned Taylor to Millwall, our only back-up goalie is young Alex Cairns. Colin does not include goalies on the Subs bench so, if Lonergan is crocked or sent off, who will he put between the sticks?