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  • Lottolee Lottolee Mar 13, 2012 16:08 Flag

    Leeds to put nail in Hammers promotion bid?

    I'll leave the predictions to you chaps? Maybe a new signing?

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    • Easy, Bates, if he is half as smart as he makes out, should hide behind the Warnock (new manager) effect and keep his trap shut while gates at ER swell to 30k +. However, with Bates being Bates, and seeing Leeds as a platform for his outrageous opinions, he will continue to alienate fans, undo Warnock's positive work, and do with Leeds whatever he believes he can get away with - then if it fails, blame the manager..
      The inept authorities governing football, all private companies, will do nothing to keep owners with dubious motives out of the game as they are all in it for the money.
      The time for football to be governed by an independent and impartial body is long overdue.

    • Humpty Dumpty sat on a Wall,
      Humpty Dumpty had a great Fall,
      All the Kings Horses and All the Kings Men,
      Couldn`put Humpty togeather again!

    • Maybe Grayson tried too hard! Some people have a natural ability, others have the man management skills as part of their DNA, whatever, things come easier to them! They give off an aura of confidence, a I know what I am talking about, been there, done that seen the DVD got the T Shirt you know what I mean! There again it is likely that after Simon Grayson they were ready for someone like Warnock to come along, well they had already been primed by the biggest primer of the all, Bates! Whatever, thing is the lads are playing like players who believe in themselves and THAT is down to Warnock, obviously, because they did not play like that under Grayson! The only thing I do not like about the whole thing is that it makes Mr Unmentionable look good!

    • Put your mind at rest Tom! You know what they say about a new broom and all that! I suppose that my liking for Simon Grayson just sort of leaked out! He received the mucky end of the stic man and my natural sense of balance says "dat ai`nt nice"! You are right when you say losing the dressing room is a sure sign of the end of things! Warnock has won the lads over at the moment and provide the unmentionable keeps his snout out maybe he will continue, good luck to him! Ofcourse the players can suss a manager out they know when they are being bull shiyted and react accordingly. Simon was prehaps too naive for the like of Bates, he has paid his "Lehrgeld" big time, pity, but nobody is bigger than the Club, NOT even the Chairman as I hope he finds out, like BIG time!

    • Keep going, Tom, that's what it's all about.
      H---Uppity Dumpty

    • Leeds v Hammers will be a tough game for both sides. It will be interesting to see how Colin sets us up to deal with 'Big Sam's' grunt-shunt-punt style of football.
      West Ham has Premiership-quality players while Leeds has a newly invigorated team of contenders set up to play old-style Leeds 'anti-football'. It is likely to be a match forged in Hell.
      By 'hunting in packs' and preventing Hammers' big names playing, I think Leeds will shade a 1-0 result on present form. However, if Colin has worked on our finishing in the final third, 3-1 is my prediction.

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      • I can see this being a great game with lots of goals !! as Elland Road will hear noise it has not had in ages, Thanks to Warnock !! passion and atmosphere, 3-2 maybe 4-2 to us !! if only he had been with us sooner !! he has the worst set of fixtures and a must win agenda !! but if anyone can motivate the lads it`s Warnock , cummon Leeds fans !! let`s get United and create a mental atmosphere from now until the end of the season !! no matter what !! forget Bates !! he`s not worth the time !! lets give Warnock and the lads the full backing !! make Elland Road HELL for the opposition !!

    • It is kinda weird to see Warnock, a Sheffield man, getting Leeds to play as, well, 'Leeds' when Grayson, one of our own, apparently, was clueless about what makes a Leeds side tick.

    • Well done Tom! Brilliant analysis and very perceptive. Colin has definitely waved his magic wand, and as far as reading games is concerned he is far better than I ever thought he was. As much as I liked and felt sorry for Larry, this guy is in a different league.

    • Five stars, Tom!

    • I thought that we had four new signings at the back Lotto. The change in form is simply amazing. We have the QPR board to thank for that. It's a shame that they didn't sack him earlier if you get my point. Got the nod that Arsenal were considering loaning us one of their highly rated young keepers. We need someone in fast as I do believe that Cairns is still out on loan. Should be a battle royal in midfield with Nolan and Co and B and C snapping at their heels. Aerial bombardment, Big Sams plan B. Hope we are a couple of goals to the good before he twigs. The onus is on them which may suite us. MOT to a win for Warlock's Warriors and dare I say it, another clean sheet. :-)

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      • Spot on Tom, Brown looks a different plater as do the rest, but he seems to have that desire and fitness that he was lacking, like you said imagine if we had Warnock earlier maybe Larry had taken us as far as HE could? M.O.T Southstand sold out and East lower and south east corner selling well, add to that some of the upper east sold and the Hammers bringing 3k, Warnock will get his 30k+ he asked for!