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    One can observe the significant upsurge in the spirit of you chaps on here. And that in itself creates an atmosphere of genuine hope and expectation, but pray do not be misled by the meltdown on Teesside.
    The reality will reveal itself this forthcoming weekend in the form of claret and blue and a capital investigation of whether your chaps out there on the turf can equal your combined enthusiasm. For me, the addition of 3 large ones would certainly elongate a frustrating Elland season which we all thought was over.
    H---Tally Ho

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    • When the Mighty Fall there are always plenty of little ones waiting to feed on the carcase! Just been watching a couple of videos on YouTube, thanks to Alan! Got to agree with you Lotto we were forced to sign a pact with the Devil, for what, so that a Barsteward like Bates could spend five years sucking the remaining life out of the club? It would have been better if we had just closed the Doors, wrote the last entry in the Ledger and gone out with a Bang, that would shock the football world! With Bates it will be a whimper, that most people will not even hear! It is sad, because we are being systematically robbed of a fighting chance to get back where we belong! Yes other clubs have got off lightly, in some cases all too lightly, but what the heck, thats life! I wanted to start a thread called "LEST WE FORGET"! Lest we forget the great moments, the times when world football shat their pants at the thought of a visit from Leeds United. So Forest put seven past us, whopeedo you just wait and see what we will do to English Football just as soon as we can get rid of the blood sucking parasite that is running this club, sorry TRYING, to run this club into oblivion! If we shut the doors tomorrow people will remember Leeds United in 10, 20 or 50 years time, but will they remember a little wizen geezer called Bates, I don`t think so! THE CLUB IS BIGGER THAN THE INDIVIDUAL!

    • YEP pardon the pun I think we were screwed more than the average team that went into admin, I mean we lost our players Elland Road, Thorpe Arch and signed a killer agreement , yet other teams keep their grounds etc!

    • 2017? Lotto you have just got to be joking! THAT my friend is the "Outer Limits"! Another five years of Bates and his antics, surely Mr Hay has got it wrong? It puts the theory that Bates is waiting unil 2013 right out of the window! I am flab-er-gasted!t

    • This was posted by Yorkshire evening posts Phil Hay today
      PH: The agreement in 2007 was that Leeds would pay an additional £5m to creditors if they were promoted by 2017. That doesn't seem like a significant amount of money given how much you make from winning promotion.

    • Got it Andy cheers mate, I must of been blind! M.O.T

    • Lotto, check the 'Chances' thread, 14-Mar-12 05:17 PM

    • Lol yeah the restricted views are terrible went in the Kop once right behind a girder sore neck southeast are better and of course there is the back row of the Southstand where unless you have matchsick legs you have no chance lol! Nothing much left now apart from like you say in the Gods, I'm not going mate I'm working tomorrow finish at 3pm so I'll be watching on a live stream on the internet ;) happy days. M.O.T

    • Lotto did you manage to get a seat? I know what you mean about the East Stand Centre I was told they were sold out! Don't fancy paying big bucks for a nose bleed in the Gods. I have been offered a restricted view seat but through past experience unless you have a rubber neck and x- ray vision then its a no go! Going in the morning to see what is available but it looks like a sell out. Warnock has his wish, lets hope we can raise the bar again and not catch it with our trailing leg.
      We will need 90 minutes plus of total concentration and a bit of luck in front of goal either way. This is the BIGGY. MOT and another win ! :-) :-) __ :-( to the Warnock Warriors.

    • Must of missed it Ill av a look ;)

    • Al, have you swallowed the Queen's royal 'we', along with your three big ones? "One can observe" you say, FFS! Or, as usual, are you taking the Ps out of the good Inglish on are sight? And you, like Bates, think we are "Morans"! Speak proper... better still, say summat as makes sense, lad.

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