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  • Lottolee Lottolee Mar 19, 2012 15:38 Flag

    Leeds v Notts Forest

    Okay I'm gonna predict a 3 - 1 home win Clayton,Becchio,Ross, got my ticket South Stand attendance 22,348. M.O.T

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    • With Bate at the helm! That says it all Dunster! The man is the best repellent that ever was, repels everything, sharks, lions tigers, snakes mosquitos and yes even investors!

    • Gave you 5 stars mate you talk sense, I'm sure he will mix it as he said we looked tired Becchio,Clayton etc. To be honest it's the way football should be played ala Barca even play the pressured game and once they have the ball they keep it yes they have the players but come on footy is after all a simple game, Swansea have proved you can do it and Martinez has to take some credit as he started it and Rogers has carried it on, sometimes things take time to come to fruition. It's way time players earned their wage and the right to wear the famous white shirt not just any old footy shirt but the shirt of LEEDS UNITED! Oh I long for the day......... M.O.T

    • It is but the natural instinct to just win and get up takes over as a fan. I couldn't believe the scoreline when I saw it. I remember when our lot got beaten 8-1 away at boro. It was the last game with nothing to play for and Ericsson was going but I still felt bloody angry that players could capitulate like that. The reds had a bloody field day. For it to happen at home is even worse. There's not a lot I can say really. Let's hope things improve. You're crying out for investment and surely it will come. Everything is in place. The ground, fan base, history. Along with Everton I'm surprised no one has come in yet. You'll still turn up though. It's in the blood. With Bates at the helm I just see you treading water unfortunately.

    • What happened Bryan was Capitulation! This is not the first time and likely will not be the last! There is a worm inside Leeds United Bryan a self destructing Worm!

    • On 12 March 2012, in the "Chances" thread, I posted the comment below and got slated - talk about "what if"!

      With weekend matches, and a week to prepare, Colin sets the side up for the high octane performances we’ve seen against Southampton and Middlesbrough. However, in the midweek game against Hull our performance, though still good, was sluggish. This could be a worry when, with only three days for recovery and planning, we face our next opponent.
      After playing West Ham next weekend, on the 17th of March, we have Notts Forest, at home, on the 20th and Millwall, away, on the 24th.
      In April, after playing Reading, away, on the 6th, we have Derby at home on the 9th. Then, after playing Peterborough at home on the 14th, we have Blackpool, away, on the 17th, and Cardiff, also away, on the 21st.
      Any preparation time for games coming in rapid succession that Colin and the team have will be limited. Players’ legs will be tired and Colin will have to use rotation to maintain the tempo of play he has set Leeds up to produce. I am sure Colin is aware of this and will have looked at options for including ‘fringe’ players in the mix - Nunez, Paynter, Forssell, Vayrynen, Bromby, O’Brien, Bruce, Thompson etc - but it is still a worry.
      To amass 75 points, the minimum requirement for a top six finish (based on last season’s results) Leeds needs another 22 points. That means we have to win at least seven of our next ten games and draw one - meaning, we can only lose two games. Depending on the outcome of the Hammers match, to have any chance of achieving this minimum entry total, Colin may yet have to recruit another couple of loan signings.

    • Your right Dunster, going up by the skin of your teeth is just asking for trouble!

    • Well what can I say lads, I have wasted alot of hard earned money during my time supporting Leeds but that has to be up there with the worst I have ever witnessed, outpaced , out thought, old fatty Andy Reid had a field day and we only have one player with pace where as Forest had a few! The biggest thing that grinds me is it is the worst ever defeat at Elland Road and over the last few years Blackpool, Preston and now Forest have humiliated us, this would never of happened even in the old 80's, you played with pride battled every ball I mean that should never happen the players seem to content in letting in goals yeah one maybe 2 even 3 but the line should be drawn somewhere they should either give their wages to charity or pay for the transport to Millwall or Reading that is in IMO! God ive been tortured at work today even my bro text me saying the same thing, but the players will turn up for training I bet not too much hurt by these scores. Bates will now need to invest heavily as now the season is just about over for us Warnock will want about 5 million and crowds will definitely be down to 17k next season unless this amount is invested. M.O.T I'll still be going though! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

    • I think it will be a summer give away scenario Peter, as only the desperate would want to take our deadwood on board.

    • WTF happened? I was out last night and came back yo see that we had a nightmare.
      It's hard to believe that a defense that has looked reasonable over the past few matches collapsed so sensationally.
      That's the end of the season now and unless Colins magic wand can be waved next season will pose some serious questions.

    • What a disgrace.

      Time for a big squad cleanout in the summer.

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