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  • Andrew Andrew Mar 23, 2012 20:32 Flag

    Hitting the Wall

    Please, lads, enough guff about soaps, Rouke's, and topers... This board is one of the few on Yahoo that isn't yet dead or dying. It has kept going because, unlike other boards, it has focused on football at Leeds... okay, there wasn't much football from Leeds on Tuesday, but that's no reason to throw in the towel and pick up the soap!
    Tomorrow's game against Millwall is critical and, with Leeds players' energies 'hitting the wall', and Millwall resurgent, it would be good to get (football) opinions on how Mr Warnock might pull our fat out of the fire.

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    • Al, Martin was seen early this morning at B&Q Leechmere Superstore walking out with two new brushes, muttering "these should be enough to see me through till May" :-)

    • I had a lovely day at Saltburn today not far from you, Lotto, 70 degrees on the beach with the mutt and the missus. Fish and chips on the prom and a couple of pints in that flash cafe bar on the veranda.
      Then back to watch the Black Cats get absolutely murdered by Everton.
      H---O'Neill out.

    • Hey hey hey I'm an out of towner just 5 minutes from Al's land it's not all that bad you know seaside town and all that, it's where I live thats a bit ICI smoggy ish. Did my coaching badges at good old Hartlepool miss the old portacabins oh back in the day............ M.O.T

    • Sticks and Stones Andy. Could be worse we could live in Al's neck of the woods. Stand by to repel boarders.... :-o

    • Tom, Walls has icecream (I scream!) but its logo looks like an ear. 'Dingles', is what other teams' supporters call Leeds fans thanks to fusckin Emerdale!

    • Al, I too like Janet Street-Porter. She is smart and gobby, and you say she is a Leeds fan - good on her, I thouht she was a London lass. What really endears me is her love of hiking - I had no idea she lived in Pately Bridge; it is one of my favourite places. However, as much as I may like hiking and JSP, I would not want to watch either on the telly... Haha, I also don't think I'd like to walk anywhere with JSP prattling in my ear and disturbing the peace. Noise is for football matches!

    • I am not listening to you Al and refuse to be drawn. Walls have ears!
      Yes she certainly did and made young Marlon Dingle.

    • Loose Women's a good watch, Andy, especially when Janet Street Porter's on, she fires straight from the hip. She lives in Pateley Bridge and she's a big Leeds Utd supporter, met her in a pub there a few years back.
      I'm gunna give her a ring and ask her to pop down the road and sort Bates out, or better still get some money invested. I don't want to yap on about soaps like Tom does, but will you tell him that Ken's left home and he's pissed.
      H---Harry Kewell's missus played a good part in Emmerdale before she snuffed it.

    • Do not knock luck Andy! I have always said no matter how good a team is or isn`t a little bit of luck is always welcome. The Whites are one point behind the Tigers, who do have a game more to play! As I said earlier I think Leeds have and easier run in to the playoffs than Hull! A bird in the hand is worth two in the Bush comes to mind! While I do believe that The Tigers are goin for it I think that The Whites are playing with one hand tied behind their backs!f

    • With this weekends results Colin could be faced with a problem.
      We are potentially only 5 points behind the 3 main contenders for a play off place (West Ham, Southampton or Reading will be the other one).
      With a reasonable run of results the is more than a possibility of making it, so what's the odds against 2 more big defeats?
      Bound to happen and make us all look like goons!

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