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  • Andrew Andrew Mar 27, 2012 17:49 Flag

    Leeds v Watford

    An alternative title to this thread could be Faith v Hope. Faith is trust or belief without proof. Hope is expectation of something desired.
    At this stage of the season, Leeds’ chances are based on blind faith. Watford’s are based on forlorn hope.
    Currently, Leeds is 10th in the League table with 57 points. Watford is 13th with 54 points. Because of goal difference, a win for Watford at Elland Road would not see it leap over Leeds but, based on its recent form, would give it more hope of reaching the play-offs than Leeds.
    Watford beat Ipswich, another in form team, and has players like Deeney and Iwelumo that can bully fragile defences. Neil Warnock has improved Leeds defence but, as the Forest game showed, it is certainly not impregnable.
    With a week to prepare, I have faith in Neil Warnock setting the side up to play another high octane game and beat Watford… but I have no proof!

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    • If a club shows no ambition, Bryan, how can any manager prolong motivation. For me Larry did a good job under very difficult circumstances, I reckon Johnny Howson's take off set the writing on the wall.
      If Warnock's arrived under the proviso of financial backing, then the close season or even earlier will throw some light on the situation. If he doesn't get it and still carries on then he's there for a season in the garden as planned with grey beard.

    • Several weeks ago, Colin said that the squad was not good enough to get promoted, and at his age and experience, he knew in his heart of hearts that this was true.
      In fairness to him, he has tried to make the best of a bad job and tried to give us all hope.
      Hi public displeasure after Saturdays game was in my opinion an honest opinion of what he had seen. He blamed some players for lack of professionalism, as did Larry on several occasions, so maybe Larry was not far off the mark, and maybe that is why he lost the dressing room. Maybe the same will happen to Colin, but if it does I am sure he will be able to handle it better, and maybe Larry was badly maligned.
      The answer of course is that Bates will give Colin enough cash to replenish the squad as he sees fit. Your analogy to cancer is spot on Tom, and the summer window should be very interesting this year.
      Unless Colin changes his name to Harry Potter and manages to remove Voldemort Bates with his magic wand we could be in for another near miss season, with Colin going at the end of it, and no prominent successor willing to come to a club that is run entirely for one mans personal gain.
      Like everyone here I will never stop supporting the club I love, but at the moment it is proving very painful.

    • Andy we all are experiencing the despair that seems to be prevalent amongst those that really care for the club and its current demise. Yes Warnock seems to be as predicable as SG was but for vastly different reasons. SG, because of his so called favouritism and exclusions for personal differences due to poor man management. Warnock has selected what he considers to be his most effective short squad to enable his chosen to develop into a team who play together to generate understanding through continuity. Clearly now he has realised that apart from a couple of games, this squad is not capable of raising their game on a consistent basis and therefore is not capable of making any push for promotion via the play off's, full stop. Unfortunately Bates is like contracting malignant cancer it will remain with us until all hope is gone or we go into remission and start our recuperation. I do believe that Warnock is also suffering and feels our pain, frustration and has our interest at heart, only time will tell if he is capable of administering the cure. In the meantime Andy lets continue to support the club that is LUFC as long as it takes for we are Leeds and proud of it regardless.

    • It is galling that Nunez was the best Leeds player on the park in that shambolic display.
      I used to criticise Larry for his predictable team line-ups and tactics, and, after a poor performance, for blaming the players when he picked the team set-out how they play.
      Colin has done exactly what Larry used to do. So, to be fair, I should be ripping into Colin, but I am so depressed about Leeds that I can’t be bothered.
      Leeds’ fate in the 2011-12 campaign was sealed last summer when it let good players go and did not recruit new talent. While Bates sticks to his non-investment policy, criticising any Leeds manager is a waste of time.
      We all knew that when Larry was sacked after the transfer deadline closed that promotion this term was not on Bates’ agenda. Yet, like morons, with the appointment of Colin, we continued to believe. For seven years, Bates has been playing Leeds fans for fools. With significant investment there is a chance that Colin might take Leeds up next season but, at the moment, I really don’t care. Supporting Leeds used to be a pleasure but I have just realised that, under Bates’ regime, it has become an unpleasant ritual. And I suspect that Colin’s role is as a shill for Bates.

    • Warnock on the Warpath and not before time. Honest appraisal Neil.
      Sows ears are not turning, just burning.
      To market to market to buy a silk purse or two or three or more?

    • He doesn't suffer fools gladly does he lotto. I felt his disappointment at the woeful display today. Boy am I glad he is our manager, his passion is second to none and as you say he ain't frightened to tell it as it is. I do believe that he wouldn't have taken the job unless he felt he would have the financial backing from Bates in the summer.As for the performance or more to the point lack of it Eustace as predicted ran the show for them and the rest we helped with. However the results around us to a degree went for us once again and once again instead of taking advantage we are now being pursued and overtaken. "Same old miserable end to the season" should be the epitaph to our play off hopes.

    • Sounds like Warnocks had enough already, he really ripped into them today after that shambolic performance, finally a manager who speaks the truth! Will Bates back him though?

    • Good prediction Andy, pity nobody was taking any notice! Goal at either end for Watford, things are looking tight! Oh well back to the drawing board!

    • I think Andy that as long as Warnock can see a possibility of a top six play off place he will continue as you say with his chosen short squad. Should we tumble out of contention then it would make sense to take the opportunity to play some of the fringe players eg Nunez, Rogers and co to see how they perform. I still think that we have what it takes to get us there and so does he. If we can keep Eustace quiet, he tends to run the show for them, then I see a win and maybe more comfortably than anticipated. Lets reel them in. MOT

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