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  • Jez Jez Mar 29, 2012 09:40 Flag

    Oh Come all ye faithful.

    Is it just me or does anyone else think Colin is on commission from gate receipts with the way he is trying to drum up "bumper crowds" for every home game?
    I can just see Bates saying to him in January " Right then, crowds are down and my breakeven figure is way off target so im losing money. Heres the deal son, any crowds over 25,000 you get to add the takings to your kitty in the summer, cant say fairer than that".
    And so Colin starts the charm offensive to woo back all us fans who have decided not to line the pockets of that bad man anymore, and bring everyone together.
    Thing is he seems to be doing a great job getting the fans on side,filling the stadium and raising expectation levels at the club.
    Just hope Bates honours his side of the bargain and gives him the extra £3.50 (all thats left after deductions,expenses and off shore investments) towards the summer transfer kitty.
    Heres looking forward to a very busy summer in the transfer market.

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    • Jez, it is not just you. In the ‘Hitting the Wall’ thread, 25 March 2012, I raised the same issue - “It is possible that Bates and Warnock struck a deal…” and picked it up again in the ‘Leeds v Watford’ thread, 28 March 2012 – “It is as if Ken Bates wrote the script for this end of season…”
      I doubt that Warnock will be ‘working on commission’ but it is likely that he has a bonus clause in the contract he agreed with Bates for turning the club around and improving attendances. Falling attendances, rather than poor performances – though the two are linked, will have been Bates’ key deciding factor in sacking Grayson.
      PS Why the 'Oh Come all ye faithful' Christmas reference while the sun is shining?

    • Could be spot on there Jez, but if KB is losing money don't expect too much in the kitty in the summer!
      Colin will have a massive clearout, as that's all he can do and then try and sign, not loan, players. I think he will have a difficult job with the amount of cash KB will give him, but let's hope he is successful.
      It will be interesting to see if we do go up next season whether Bates will try to offload before any investigation into past ownership or whatever.

    • Great slant Jez, not far off the the mark..We have to remain hopeful though that he can make Bates stump up or it's going to be a "Bleak Mid Winter ". I hope Its not another case of "Once In Royal Bates Kitty", ne'er to be seen again.