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    Reading - the riot act

    Reading is odds-on favourite for ‘doing the double’ over Leeds. Warnock has already read the riot act to his short team and, with Connolly, Clayton, and O’Dea ineligible to play on Good Friday, and White crocked, he concluded his rant with “Why worry… let’s give some of the kids a chance now”
    Actually, Colin does not have many options other than to give the kids a chance. As Leeds’ season is all but over, with nothing to lose, it would be good to see how our young and fringe players perform against an in-form team.
    Will Hatfield, Joe McCann, Sanchez Payne, Charlie Taylor, the Turner twins (Lewis and Nathan), and the much lauded but little heard of, Monte Gimpel are young players who would play their socks off if given a chance.
    Ramon Nunez showed his intent when he got a cameo role in the Watford game. The highly rated USA winger, Robbie Rogers has not had a sniff of first team football since he signed for Leeds and would be out to prove his worth. The same applies to Mika Vayrynen and Mikael Forssell who would bust a gut to rescue their reputations. I would even include Billy Paynter in this category….
    My point is that the only way Warnock’s Leeds will beat Reading is by springing a surprise. I am not suggesting Leeds plays its reserve team but that it fields a formation that Reading will not have had time to prepare for.

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    • Reading I must say on today's performance were very disappointing. We were on paper up for another hiding from the inform team of the championship. I thought that we defended very courageously fighting a rear guard action for most of the match. This is a match that we could and should of won as Reading were there for the taking had we been more positive and creative from midfield. Unfortunately Becchio continued in one dimensional mode, back to their defenders and very rarely created anything from the balls won never really looked where he was heading the ball. NW in my opinion should have introduced fresh legs with ten minutes to go when we were still in the game. Had Snoddy not missed a sitter and scored I feel that the goal would have given tired legs a massive lift and enabled us to grab the points. McDermot brings on Le Fondre, fresh legs and the rest is history. Our subs were brought on when the game was lost with five minutes to go.Strange to say the least.
      Ah well, got to win the remaining five games now.

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      • Agreed Tom, if only eh! At least we tried which was nice to see but as you stated we need that guile and quality which is severely missing along with pace. It's as if well you can't have both you either have fight and no skill or vision or vise versa. Footballers should have both, surely in this day and age like Swansea this type of football can be implemented? The team I coach (under 13's) I started 3 touch in training as a matter of course and after 5 minutes it was moan moan moan can we have as many touches yet? No No another 5 mins I would say, next week comes 3 touch lads, ok after 10 mins moan moan can we go back to as many touch No No I would say another 5 mins lads, anyhow 15 weeks later 45 mins pass not a word uttered 3 touch, control, out of your feet head up and bang the ball is passed and hey presto space created pass and move "IT'S A BUDDY SIMPLE GAME" Grievsie would say! So the meaning of my story is you implement stuff stick by it and hey presto big improvements whether thats 3 touch, defensive coaching, or whatever it is achievable any way hope you get the meaning of it as I do talk crap sometimes lol! M.O.T

    • Hey, piss off, Tom--we don't want him back. Can't fit him in anyway. Send us a couple of forwards instead and I'll send you a couple of old Pools programmes.

    • Al,looks like Hovis Junior is hankering to play in front of the "big crowds at Pool" again. One way single ticket on its way.
      Departs Leeds City Station ASAP, courtesy of LUFC silent majority.

    • I'll have a word with his old man, but I'll have to watch it when I walk from him. He's a naughty slide tackler from behind as well.
      H---Hartlepool whinger society.

    • Bates must be using his ill gotten gains to bribe the players to blame everyone but themselves.
      The rubbish that is coming from players, who obviously can't handle the situation, is quite remarkable. Don't they realise that the fans are rated as being amongst the best in the land (along with Newcastle and Liverpool), and when we watch rubbish we let them know!
      Do they want applauding for a rubbish performance? Even Colin has told them they were so what is Brown moaning at? Grow up lad, and as Lotto says - PLAY FOR THE SHIRT!!!!!!!

    • Hows about 10-0-0-1 or 8-0-2-1?

    • I agree totally Andy lets blood the kids in they certainly cant do any worse! I feel sure that Warnock being the motivator that he is will send them out with the message "go for it lads show me what you got and don't worry were not expected to win". Who knows Andy we might unearth a few gems and if so play them in for the remaining games, we certainly have nothing to lose.