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  • This term, with the same players, Larry managed 29 Championship games, during which he won 13, drew six, and lost 10. Colin has managed nine games and he has won two, drawn three, and lost four. Statistically, Larry had more success, with his win percentage being more than twice that of Colin’s:

    Wins – 13 (45%)
    Draws – 6 (21%)
    Losses – 10 (34%)

    Wins – 2 (22%)
    Draws – 3 (33%)
    Losses – 4 (45%)

    These statistics do not include games when the side was managed by Redfearn but, nevertheless, suggest that results, on aggregate, would have been better if Leeds had not sacked Larry when it did.
    However, sacking Larry and appointing Colin was less to do with results and more about Leeds addressing the disillusionment of its fans.
    Starting with the disappointment of two seasons’ lack of investment in playing personnel, Leeds fans were becoming increasingly angry about the way in which their club was being run, and, more importantly, match-day attendances were falling below those recorded for League One. Something had to be done and the simple solution was to sack, and then blame, Larry.
    It was not in Bates’ plan for Leeds to be promoted this year. He recruited Larry to take Leeds out of L1 but no more. He has recruited Colin to take Leeds up to the EPL and, unlike Larry; Colin will get the funding he needs.
    Whether Bates’ ‘plan’ for Leeds works remains to be seen. No Leeds fan will complain if Leeds returns to top-flight football but many may feel it is no-longer their beloved Leeds United but a crooked creation of Bates’ making and, as clever and as in control, as Bates likes to think his cheating methods are, if he loses the club’s fan base his version Leeds United will not prosper.

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    • Interesting stats Andy!
      My big fear is that despite Colin's successful career he had a blip at Crystal Palace, but in all fairness the fans hated him there. Your stats could point to a similar scenario at ER, but here he has the fans on his side at the moment.
      The other problem he faces is that as he must re-build the team virtually from scratch for next season with at least 5 quality players coming in, there is no guarantee that the players will gel.
      I have the belief that he will get it right, but it really is in the lap of the gods and Bates pocket!

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      • Great post Andy. Bates has no choice now but to back Colin in the summer after backing himself into a corner sacking Grayson and bringing in the new man, and also saying that promotion is the minimum requirement (yet again) next season.
        There are still those diehard fans who think we all owe gratitude to papa smurf, but even those fans will turn if there isnt serious changes in the summer because even the most blinkered fan can see we are miles off promotion with the current squad, and bolstering numbers with freebies and loaness has now been shown to be a pointless waste of money.
        He also knows that if he doesnt give Colin a squad capable of promotion then he will walk away, and this will leave him wide open and exposed as a tight fisted miser who is only in it for the money, which most of us think anyway. The fallout will be so great that he will be left with nowhere to go apart from selling up and letting someone else take over the hot seat.
        Either way those deep pockets are going to be dug into this summer, just a question how much he is willing to spend.

    • Excellent observations as always Andy.

    • I think Bates must know now is the time to invest, crowds will dwindle below the 20k mark next season if a team is not built on solid foundations, no matter what he invests in the East Stand as we all now know season tickets are being used to pay back the £5 million loan taken out for the improvements. We need a new keeper Lonners not good enough Paddy Kenny to join, a solid commanding powerhouse centre half, a fast right back, a fast quality winger, a quality defensive/attacking centre midfielder yes he should be able to do both FFS! A top striker who can either bully defenders ala Holt or one who can torment defenders with pace and/or power. If we lose Snoddy he will need replacing as well, which I think it's Bates plan to sell him so that will then fund the squad building. The rest can either leave on a free or have their contracts cancelled cos they don't have the heart/fight/skill/pace to play for Leeds United. As Warnock said todays effort is the minimum effort required every match! Bates you either back the club or you lose the club your choice? Fans were fantastic again I hope that wasn't too negative mr Brown? I do think Warnock is the right choice if backed.

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      • Clearly defined objectives and solutions Lotto but will the Bearded B heed and comply. I wish, I wish.
        The Easter Luncheon could prove to be the turning point, but it all depends what Bumble Bates brings to the table.Lets hope Warnock comes with a healthy appetite and a large "begging bowl". The question is who will leave the table "well stuffed" ? : -)