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  • Lottolee Lottolee Apr 9, 2012 08:47 Flag

    It's A Derby Day for Leeds

    Season over time to check the kids out, we have a great u18's what do you think chaps? M.O.T

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    • I haven't heard these sale rumours Lotto but I am praying they are true!

    • I meant Snoddy will be sold not Ross ;)

    • I'm still not sure about White one minute he looks great because he has pace a bit like the old Dorigo, and another minute he looks like a headless chicken though he has been played out of position. As for Luciano again he aint a target man and has proved he can get goals but needs a bit more clout about him,he needs to bully defenders not the other way around and if he is up front he needs to be with a pacey striker, I don't think him and Ross work well together. So IMO Becchio is not good enough for the Premiership, White unproven but I think there is something there and Ross well he has the quality and I think he is going and that will fund Warnocks transfer pot as Bates has already stated the Season ticket money from last season this season and next season is to fund his Buddy East Stand project and I think he is running out of money, now there is still strong rumours about a sale and Bates has sounded ill to me the last few weeks, prob nothing buy you can only.............

    • Thanks, Lotto. Haha, you, like your Teeside marrow, Al, are ace wind-up merchants... Are you twins!
      There are rumours about Snodgrass, White, and Becchio going to Newcastle but, ask yourself, could that be a Geordie wind-up?

    • Tis okay Andy non taken I knew he was Leeds (aussie) was just on about Peter not posting much of late lol, glad you like them I try to add some of my dodgy Teesside wit, it will certainly be a busy period for Warnock, on waccoe someone reckons the geordies have had an initial bid for Snoddy turned down but says Leeds will let him go for between 4-5 million. M.O.T to next season. We love you TWINS TWINS TWINS!

    • Hey, Lotto, I don't know what you mean... but fusk grammar, I think your posts are brill! I was just trying to point out that Peter is a Leeds fan. Sorry if I gave any offence, bud.

    • Peter, it is good to know you are still looking in - your savvy comments are missed but, from what you say, their absence is understandale. If your morale is low, Leeds' showing this season won't have lifted it much - it's 'grim up north' and we are all feeling it. As we sing in MOT, "We've been through it all together; And we've had our ups and downs..." There is always next season!
      Jacob Butterfield (Barnsley) and George Boyd (Peterorough) would both be great additions - if we could prise them from their clubs with generous offers, which we know Bates won't make.
      Warnock is likely to recruit players he knows. Shaun Derry, Clint Hill, and Paddy Kenny are his obvious targets. I suspect he will also go for Darren Ambrose, Matthew Connolly, and Matt Hill.
      However, if Warnock cannot hang-on to our Fab Five (Snodgrass, McCormack, Clayton, Becchio, and White), then this close season could be the most interesting in the club's history. Warnock will have to push Bates for funds to spend on replacements, none will be cheap, Leeds will be forced to make 'offers that can't be refused' for players such as Butterfield and Boyd, boardroom brawls will ensue, and Warnock could walk; leaving Bates in an uncomfortably dark place....
      For sure, Bates has thrived on dark, but, with football authorities and the government now wanting transparency to expose offshore tax dodgers, he may have nowhere to hide.
      Regardless of Bates' Five Year plan for Leeds, 2013 could be a significant year for the club in more ways than one.

    • I still read every day lads, it has just been hard to comment on anything when my morale has been at rock bottom.... the lad from Barnsley would be a great signing, also I think Boyd from Peterborough could fit the bill well...

    • Tis my English Grammar mate a bit of Teesside with Geordie and North Yorkshire mixed in!

    • Lotto, the Minnesota Twins vid made my day!
      I think you are mixing Peter (our best Leeds poster from Oz) up with Dunster from Man City.

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