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  • Tom Tom Apr 12, 2012 22:40 Flag

    Will Leeds be too Posh for Fergie?

    I can top that Lotto :
    Latest breaking wind from the East.
    Singapore Sports Syndicate, report that a possible take over is in the offing for a prominent championship team who are close to putting pen to paper. The syndicate comprise a trio of wealthy Chinese oriental restaurant and fast food chain entrepreneurs, Ying Tong, Tid Lee and I Po. They see that it offers a great chance to break into the refreshment and catering market with potential to operate throughout the football league . SSS indicate that Bates has accepted their initial overtures and is anxious to put the offer to bed before he has to stump up for Warnocks Transfer Kitty. Rumours abound, enter the silly season and still four to play!
    Back to football matters as Andy would say!
    Saturday : Beware the "son of red beak" he has a score to settle.
    Forecast is a "tight encounter" Boroughs attack to Peter out... United to triumph 3-0.