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    Fall From Grace

    Im assistant manager for a team in the West Yorkshire Premier League, and on Saturday we went to play Knaresborough Town.
    I thought i knew their number 7 from somewhere so imagine my surprise when i checked the team sheet and saw no other than Seb Carole named.
    The very same player Leeds signed from Brighton and who played for us until 2008 when he was realeased by Gary Mac.
    Now i dont want to knock players but on saturday he was very very average, and that is being polite, and from what i overheard from some of the supporters he "doesnt fancy it" when its cold! This might explain why he never did much while at Leeds and all the clubs he went to afterwards.
    Can any of you think of a player who has gone from Championship to amatuer football in the space of 4 years?

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    • Lot's of people have seen me on the radio Alan!!

    • Some very interesting characters in your bunch, Brian. You're a bit of a dark horse you bugger. Soon as I spotted young Sam Goodison there off Corrie clarification kicked in. You know, I've been enlarging your avatar there for a while now because your face rings a bell. Come clean, I've got a feeling I've seen you in other stuff.
      H---(Me dad's me dad.)

    • Jez, the player that comes to mind is the brilliant Albert Johanneson, the first black player to play for Leeds United who ended his career, and life, in despair and alcoholism, showing his skills on Sunday League pitches.
      We never really know what goes on in other people’s lives and minds to lay them low but I suspect that the racist abuse he had to put up with was a contributing factor.
      IMO, Albert Johanneson deserves a memorial statue at Elland Road, not just because he was one of the first black players in the English leagues but for his consummate skill.
      It also concerns me, slightly, that Leeds has so few black players in its squad today.

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      • I think if Warnock wants a black/coloured or whatever race player he will get them, yes in the 80's we had the you know who's selling the you know what and those chants from the Kop yes I was there and heard them all, we all know what the chants were, but then again I heard them from every club I went to watch footy and they all had certain things to say, thankfully we have moved on and we could all name a few who have worn the shirt with pride so it does not concern me as I know we would welcome any colour race or whatever to Elland Road, you will always have the minority shouting abuse whether that is Race/sexuality/Or where they derive from, so whatever we all March On Together ;)

      • Quite right Andy!
        Albert was a great guy and one of the best players of his time. Used to see him and his best pal Elliot many a time on a Sunday.Leeds U owed a lot to him and as you say he was never really recognised for the great job he did.
        I only really remember him having one really bad match, and that was in the Liverpool cup final when he got stage fright!
        Great guy who went through a lot of pain to play the game he loved.

    • Only ones who were at the end of their career Jez, I am not really surprised at Pro footballers playing at lower levels, I've played with better Northern League players and played against a few Pros abroad one being Scott Murray ex Bristol City, he was probably one of the best lightning fast over ten yards though I had him in my back pocket ha ha. Interested to hear that mate what badge have you gone up to? I have a chance of coaching in America and was thinking of updating my badges as I did mine in 1988 with the likes of Nicky Mohan so old now though you can't beat experience! It's quite expensive now about 2k which I can't afford but I have been told the good old Americano's will pay for me to have their equivalent badge if I am good enough. I suppose I went to nearly a film star as I attended The Damned United auditions was offered a part but could not get 3 weeks off work required so missed out, the funny thing is I think they wanted me to be a referee ha ha. M.O.T

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      • I had an interview for a part in The Damned United, Lotto. Micheal Sheen told me to fuskc off young man.

      • I dont have any coaching badges Lotto, i ended up in this post when a manager who i have played for at various Unibond and North East Counties clubs asked me if i fancied going to the dark side as injury had forced me to hang up the boots. Its been a really good experience and has made up my mind to do some coaching badges. I really want to coach kids around 10-15 year age group and the manager who im working with has his UEFA B so he is pointing me in the right direction. Neil Redfearn better watch out!!
        The American thing sounds good, a few guys i know have done a few summers out there and they say its a great experience coaching in the sun.