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    Billy Paynter better picture

    Tom, I support your defence of striker Billy Paynter on the news boards. Like you, I cannot believe that a player who was demonstratively more successful than Beckford in L1 should suddenly turn into the ‘Barn-door Billy’ that many Leeds fans have written-off.
    Okay, Paynter’s success may have been due to his partnership with Austin but, equally, Beckford’s was due to his partnership with Becchio and, if Paynter was the Becchio to Austin’s Beckford in that partnership, then Paynter wins comfortably.
    There is every chance that a strike partnership between Paynter and McCormack, in a 4-4-2 formation, will allow Paynter to reprise his previous form and, at least, it has to be worth Warnock keeping Paynter involved for the remainder of his contract.

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    • Well it looks like it's gonna be a busy summer, Odea has gone plus Parker and Var so Warnock knows his stuff I was a bit worried he was gonna sign Odea thank god, 2 quality centre halves please a good clear out is on it's way, good call Peter regading Roberts he is just what we need Powerful, strong and quick and knows where the goal is.

    • Good call Peter but would you leave if you was in his position?

    • Jason Roberts??

    • Somma could be out for sommatime Lotto as his injury is not healed properly and is not responding to treatment. I would like a striker replacement in the mould of a Mick Jones or a Ray Hankin capable of commanding and getting their quota of goals but equally importantly sufficiently skilled to bring into play Rossco, Snoddy and Clayton to feed off them in and around the edge of the box.

    • Billy wants to stay because he is on a great contract reported to be 9k a week, believe me he won't get that anywhere else, he still needs to prove himself to me I'm not convinced to be honest, I have seen him play in the flesh against us and for us he was great against us but he has a long way to go to prove himself. Becchio needs to up the anti as well falls over too many times for me. Somma I do like him and he was coming into form so keep him, Ross great skill, touch and he has lost weight good footballing brain and has been a great acquisition. I think Forsell will go he has not had his chance god all these strikers reminds me of the Oleary era too many. We lack pure pace up front so we need that Beckford pace back, cheque book please Ken one more striker won't hurt lol! Lets hope the young ones coming through will do a job it's been a while since the likes of Forrester/Smith/Whelan/Lennon/Milner came through the ranks (not counting Delph)

    • Paynter apparently hurt his achilles in the defeat, don't know if he has done enough to keep himself at the club beyond the summer...

      I think that up front is one area where we actually do not need much strengthening...

      Ross Mc had bugger all opportunities last term but has done so well this time around, and I am hoping that Forssell could do the same... his wages might be high, but he is a quality player with a quality record, and that kind of quality does not disappear overnight... Hopefully he gets a chance in the final three games like Ross did last time around...

      Mick Jones is quoted as rating Somma very highly, and obviously becchio and mccormack are key retentions.. If the gaffer is impressed with Billy's commitment in training and Billy himself has said that he wants to stay, maybe this 5-pronged strikeforce could be kept as is, allowing the funds which are made available to be spent on wingers, central midfielders and defenders...

    • Thanks Andy. It would seem a "no brainer" as they say not to persevere with BP especially as you rightly point out that he still has one year to run on his contract. But I have a strong suspicion that both Warnock and Bates would like him off our books as I do believe he is currently on 10k per week! That would release some cash into the pot from a transfer fee and some of his salary saved to buffer cash outlay on incoming players. However as Stan Laurel would say "the devil you know is worth two birds in the bush" :-)

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      • On Becchios recent form i would certainly give Billy a chance in the last few games. Confidence is a wonderful thing and if BP can get some more goals this season and stays injury free during pre season then we will have a decent striker on our hands, one who is more mobile the Becchio and uses his size and strength much better. Im tired of seeing LB falling to the floor begging for free kicks whenever he is touched. But as you say Tom, he is one of the top earners at ER which might cloud the waters when it comes to making a choice of who to keep. I hope he stays because he wants to prove to us that he is a good player, and has that determination to do well.