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  • Jez Jez Apr 19, 2012 14:34 Flag

    Who is top dog?

    So with 2 games to go who is your player of the season? I predicted that Adam Clayton would win the award at the start of the season but his star has faded since the turn of the year.
    Ive not been to as many games as i usually do due to other commitments, but the one player who i love to watch is Ross McCormack. He is a very clever player with the way he uses his movement to make space for others, and he has got a fantastic first touch and not to mention banging in 16 goals for us.
    But is he better than Snoddy? Those are the only 2 players i would consider but what are your choices and why?

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    • RossCo for me Jez for the same endorsement as you. A quick instinctive footballing brain with two fast feet in tight areas in and around the penalty area. Snoddy has similar qualities but the difference that tips the balance in Rosscos favour is that playing inside he has the oppotunity and skill to escape tight marking by dropping off and roaming. Snoddy finds it difficult to escape tight marking by virtue of where he plays and therefore has little or no opportunity to alter his stance in a rigid formation without exposing his flank.
      I do hope that we can retain both for next year as I feel and expect that both will become even better players providing we can bring in a skilful midfield player to support and supply them both.