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  • Alan H Alan H Apr 22, 2012 13:03 Flag

    Weather Forecast

    The Leeds area has quietened down somewhat, with the turbulence subsiding. Things will remain unsettled for a few weeks until the warm front hopefully kicks in. There may be a thunder and lightening Warnocking, but we will keep you informed.
    H---Meteorological office

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    • Hmmm, Tom, Cornish ‘nasities’, I remember them well – okay(ish) when fresh but dangerous after reheating!
      I was based in and around Falmouth but visited the west coast frequently, principally to go rock climbing at Sennen Cove and Bosigran Ridge. I stayed overnight at St Ives a few times but found the traffic there a bit too much to cope with – even during quiet times it was like Scarborough on a Bank Holiday!
      If you are planning to live there, property is cheaper away from the coast. If you have transport, and can afford the fuel, anywhere in Cornwall is not far off – unless you believe the signposts that say ‘Truro 3 miles’ and you drive three miles on the same road only to find another signpost that says ‘Truro 7 miles’!

    • 'Gut 'tuning' stuff, Al!

    • Weird concoction Al, blame it on the sprouts.Good job you put the bicycle clips on could of been a bit embarrassing.I bet your pooch took a bit of stick too on the way back !!

    • Had Yorkshire puds and a Cornish pastie with sprouts and gravy on at St Ives a couple of years back. Farted all the way back to Hartlepool. Took 6 bottles of Newcastle Browns to put me right.
      H---Saturday Morning Kitchen

    • You are right about the Cornish mists and drizzle Andy can be quite depressing. I have a lot of relatives down in the Truro and Camborne region and visit as much as possible. Funny you say about Yorkshire folk retiring down in Cornwall I was looking recently at property in St Ives with a sea view to possibly do the same. My favourite parts of Cornwall are of course St Ives and around the coast to Carbis Bay,Lelant, Hayle ,Gwithian Towns and along the North Cliffs past Godrevy Lighthouse and on to Portreath. I notice from your Avatar that you enjoy walking its a great ramble along the cliff trails.
      As for Easy I do hope he is ok and not suffering from a surfeit of dodgy pasties.."Kernows revenge on the grockles" :-)

    • If he is and he wants insuring, he can piss off.
      H---Hartlepool tourist board.

    • Well Al, I hope John is not planning to rent a canoe in Hartlepool!

    • It's either Kernow or Seaton beach in Hartlepool the grapevine tells me, Andy.

    • Tom, I read in one of your posts that you spent time in Cornwall. We have this in common - I spent three years there. It is a great place, though in winter it can seem like you are cut off from the rest of the world.
      Cornwall is full of Yorkshire folk, mostly retired people from Leeds!. I can understand why; Cornwall is like Yorkshire on a good day, without the major scars of industrialisation. It looks pretty and is warm - I rememer swimming in the sea at Christmas - yet I always looked forward to returning to Leeds.
      Do you think Easy is checking out facilities for Warnock's New Leeds training in Kernow?

    • There's a depression lingering overhead, the cloud is building. A rapid injection of a warm front is a must---and from any direction.
      H---where's Easy by the way

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