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  • Jez Jez Apr 25, 2012 10:27 Flag

    Shut ya Mouth!!

    Our "saviour" is back in court again after continuing his spat with Melvyn Levi despite losing a previous court case against the same man.
    Just when i thought that my dislike and loathing could not get any worse, i read the reports in last night YEP and also read this blog on the LUST website.
    Now im a laid back chap who tends to shy away from trouble, but the situation at Leeds is making me so angry that thoughts of extreme action against these 2 muppets are becoming more regular which i do not like. So i dread to think what some of the more "unhinged" fans are thinking of!
    The last court case cost the club £1.5M and with this case and other liable cases that have come about due to old big gob spouting off, i bet we could have built a decent team with what was wasted in legal fees.

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    • Wish I could!!!

    • Addendum:
      Leeds Combined Court Centre incorporates the Crown and County Courts for our region. It's based at 1 Oxford Row, LS1 3BG.
      telephone: 0113 306 2800
      Day 5 of 5. Court14 in session, third floor if anyone can make it.

    • Thanks for the informative post Bryan on Mr Myersons summing up.
      On second thoughts may be the thread should read :
      "Don't Shut Ya Mouth Bates, keep going".
      I am firmly convinced that time is running out for the "despicable one" and given enough rope he will eventually hang himself. We live in hope Bates that "what you put about comes about" as my old Granny would say.

    • Part of simon Myersons summing up in the Bates-Levi case. How very true!

      "Mr Myerson said Mr Bates’s programme notes only included information the chairman wanted the club’s fans to hear. “It is a Stalinist approach,” he added.

      Mr Myerson turned to how Mr Bates owned 76 per cent of Leeds United, a share so large “there isn’t a resolution you can’t pass on your own.”

      He said: “Is it (Leeds) a separate company, with separate governance and separate procedures, that is able to take a stance different to that of Mr Bates?

      “In our submission, the evidence is no, it isn’t.”

      The barrister later added: “A rich man has bought a football club and just does what he likes.”

    • Jez, this Levis v Bates County Court (as opposed to a Magistrates Court) case could be more interesting than you realise. It is not like the libel case. If found guilty (under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997), Bates could be punished with up to five years imprisonment and an unlimited fine.
      A judge may take the view that a fine is an inappropriate punishment as Leeds United, and not the offender, will pay it, so his other option will be a custodial sentence. Then, if Bates is imprisoned, the football authorities will not be able to maintain his status as a ‘fit and proper’ owner.

    • I would think after this Jez the "despicable one" better employ Harvey to taste his wine prior to quaffing to be on the safe side.
      Vintage R'S liquor.