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    The clearout starts Wednesday with Warnock meeting the players to state who he wants to stay, the one thing I will say is he knows exactly what we need Warnocks words . "What we've got to use at Leeds is the advantage of the crowd. We've got to get pace into the side, power in the side, and we've got to get energy.
    "We've got to get the crowd up and at them, not the other way round. At the minute they try and get us going." PACE POWER AND ENERGY!!!

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    • Warnock sums it up well; but only iterating what Leeds fans have been saying all season.

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      • Great 1st signing strong no nonsense defender player of the year at Bournemouth and Pompey, Warnock not hanging about so if Clayton goes he has stated he can get better for his wage offered. Looks like he is going for Top players and utilising the smaller squad offering reasonable wages and not having 25 players wasting money! In Warnock I trust. M.O.T

    • Sounds good Lotto but he missed out the vital element " PACE, POWER, ENERGY", and the MONEY to buy players with those attributes! Jason Pearce of Pompey centre back looks good and first in but at what cost. Pompey paid £500k for him last year! Warnock says he hopes to have three in the bag by the end of May before he goes on his jollies. He reckons that we need about eight in total. Word has it that Pompey, QPR and Derby could supply the remainder. Interesting times ahead folks.

    • Despite the poor season im quite optomistic about next year Lotto. Just hope its not another false dawn and we are left frustrated again come the start of the season.
      If Colin can get us a team that has all the above atributes then im sure we will do well. Just keep Diouf away from ER.

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      • As with the status of the Levis v Bates court case, “judgement pending” is what Leeds fans will have to live with until the start of next season.
        Warnock’s ‘clear-out’ of players from the Leeds camp on Wednesday will provide some evidence of intention (like key players being retained) but not enough to make a judgement. New players being recruited will provide further evidence. However, it will not be until we see evidence of Warnock’s new team performing that we can judge all the rhetoric.
        We have had years of meaningless rhetoric from Bates. For sure, Warnock’s rhetoric is believable but, as the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. I sincerely hope that Warnock will not be tucking into humble pie, served in an executive box at ER, next year!