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  • Peter F Peter F May 1, 2012 23:54 Flag

    The most important day in a long time...

    Tomorrow shapes as the most important day in the club's history since relegation from the Premier League.

    It might sound strange too say that at the beginning of the off season, but Neil Warnock is taking the unusual steps of releasing his 'retention list', a list of who wants to keep, who is being released from their contract and who is available for transfer.

    He has been pretty scathing and upfront about the quality (or lack thereof) in the squad, and tomorrow we see whether he was all talk or he is genuinely planning a mass exodus.

    I am pretty fearful that Aidy White is already leaving; the lack of movement and coverage regarding the talks about him sends that message.

    In all seriousness, the only players we should definitely keep are: Lees, Beecchio, Snodgrass, White (if he wants to), Clayton and McCormack.

    Add Lonergan, Pugh, Thompson, Taylor to that list probably, and Bromby because nobody is going to buy a player who is injured.

    If we see many more than this retained, then we know we are being strung along by Ken's puppet.

    I say it is the most important date since we got relegated because, with no disrespect to the league and the standard, and at risk of sounding very arrogant, we were always going to get promoted out of L1 - it was just annoying how long it took for it to happen.

    However, the Championship is a very even league, and even before we know which three teams are relegated, there are at least 10 clubs (including the play-off qualifiers) who believe that they should be chasing promotion next season. Most of these clubs have a stronger squad than us.

    We have no god-given right to get out of the Championship and only the big calls will help us get there, along with significant financial investment.

    I await the release of the retention list with a fair degree of trepidation yet excitement.

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