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  • Jez Jez May 11, 2012 18:18 Flag

    Ring the Alarm

    This week Bates puppet Shaun Harvey has come out with the fllowing statement regarding the proposed Casino down at ER:

    "The potential of the casino coming to Leeds United is an exciting one and fits perfectly within our business plan of increasing revenue streams on non-matchdays, both in isolation and to compliment, either our existing facilities or those that are planned.

    "The increase in non-matchday income will allow us to further invest on the field to see the return of Premier League football at Elland Road."

    Now at face value this all sounds well and good, a business plan in place that will bring in revenue to the club 365 days a year, and help bolster the transfer kitty.
    But if we look at this statement a little closer then alarm bells might start ringing. Now i know Rome wasnt built in a day, so lets be optomistic and say that if this gets the go ahead the project will be completed within 2- 3 years. Add on another 1-2 years for revenue streams to start coming into the club and you are looking at around 4-5 years before money is made available to "further invest on the field to see the return of Premier League football at Elland Road." So either they have no plans of getting us to the premiership before this time, or they will be borrowing money against future income to invest in the squad. Add this to the money already "borrowed" against season tickets to fund the development of the East stand and a familiar scenario is starting to unfold.
    Bates last big vanity project, the "Chelsea Village" all but bankrupt the club, and had it not been for the rich Russian who knows what mess they would have been in. KB loves nothing more than to "invest" other peoples money and line his pockets in the process, and sometimes these investments do pay off. But all too often we have seen him cut and run just as things start to come crashing down around him and leave other people to pick up the pieces.
    Lets just hope that if this casino gets the go ahead it turns out to be one of his more shrewd projects that sets Leeds United up well for many years to come.
    Part of me says that there will only be one winner from all of this, and we all know who that will be!!

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