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  • The Dunster The Dunster May 18, 2012 15:01 Flag

    It's all gone quiet !!

    I'm pretty much the same Jez. I only started looking out for your lot after bumping into a load of Leeds fans when we were both playing away a few years ago. Two coach loads of Leeds fans and two City coaches in one pub. We were all wary going in but had a great laugh. It changed my perception of Leeds entirely. You've always had a bad press because of a mindless few. That coupled with the fact that you've stuck with the team in numbers when things have gone badly. Your away support has been unbelievable. I appreciate the true football fan which is why I hope the team deliver for you next season. As for our lot we'll wait and see. Don't forget we were in your shoes a few years ago. What happened to us could happen to you. You just never know.