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  • BRYAN BRYAN May 16, 2012 18:49 Flag

    It's all gone quiet !!

    Well Colin has had some time off and there are still no signs of the promised 5 or 6 new signings.
    I know the season hasn't completely finished, but there is even a lack of rumours unless I have missed them.
    Some talk of a further raid on Pompey, but very little otherwise.
    Anybody heard anything?

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    • Andy, on Pools board etc, click onto news and the message board comes up. Think this Yahoo's about to go tits up though.

    • Snoddie---there must be some vital ingredient missing from his game. Plenty of premier clubs have had him vetted, but no one's made a move for him.
      H---Daily Mirror

    • Congrats from me, Dunster. You guys left it late but that's very often the case with successful teams.

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      • http://www.thebusinessdesk.com/yorkshire/n...reditor+claims#

        MORE than £18m of claims made by unsecured creditors after Leeds United went into administration in 2007 have now been agreed, according to a report by joint liquidators.

        The report by accountancy firm KPMG has revealed that 231 claims totalling £18.53m have been agreed.

        A further 61 claims totalling £4.7m have been rejected and 23 have been agreed as nil.

        It has been speculated in some circles that an extra £4.75m payment to creditors, which would be triggered if Leeds United was promoted to the Premier League before the start of the 2017/18 season, could determine the club's promotion aspirations over the coming seasons.

        However, a Leeds United spokesman said the windfall the club would receive from promotion to the Premier League would supersede the size of the payment, which is outlined in the report, many times and was not an issue for the Elland Road outfit.

        The report, which covers the year to February 14, 2012, said that a second interim dividend of 2p in the pound has been paid to unsecured creditors with admitted claims last October.

        Total payments paid to date are 4p in the pound. However, the report said that no further "significant" dividends are expected to be paid to unsecured creditors unless Leeds United is promoted to the Premier League before the start of the 2017/18 season.

        Leeds United was relegated to League One in 2007 after being deducted points for going into administration.

        Administrator KPMG had already agreed to sell the club to a newly-formed company - Leeds United Football Club Limited - led by chairman Ken Bates.

        Howard Smith, Richard Dixon and Mark Firmin, of KPMG, were appointed joint liquidators of the 'old company' on May 4, 2007, and their role has included adjudicating claims of creditors and making payments to creditors in order of priority.

        Total fees drawn by the joint liquidators since the start of the liquidation stand at £390,080, the report, which covers the year to February 14, said.

        Fees of £213,000 have also been paid to Leeds-based law firm Walker Morris connected to legal advice it has provided during the liquidation.

    • Think you will be OK dunster, we gambled with money we didnt have which caused our downfall, but you have a rich sugar daddy who is willing to spend whatever it takes.
      Hope we can attract some rich arab and get rid of the blood sucking parasite we currently have running our club.
      All the best mate.

    • I'm pretty much the same Jez. I only started looking out for your lot after bumping into a load of Leeds fans when we were both playing away a few years ago. Two coach loads of Leeds fans and two City coaches in one pub. We were all wary going in but had a great laugh. It changed my perception of Leeds entirely. You've always had a bad press because of a mindless few. That coupled with the fact that you've stuck with the team in numbers when things have gone badly. Your away support has been unbelievable. I appreciate the true football fan which is why I hope the team deliver for you next season. As for our lot we'll wait and see. Don't forget we were in your shoes a few years ago. What happened to us could happen to you. You just never know.

    • Congrats Dunster, i dont usually get involved with any team unless its Leeds, but anyone who beats that lot to the title in the way you did deserves my support. I must admit i jumped around the living room when Sergio scored that third goal, and i dont think ive been as happy watching a football match since Beckfords goal that sent us up from League 1. In football there is usually 1 team that dominates the domestic scene for a good few years, Leeds in the 60's & 70's, Liverpool in the 70's & 80's and that lot since the 90's. Could it be your turn to be top dog? With the money behind you it looks like old bacon face and his cronies will have to settle for second best for a long time to come, and i for one couldnt be happier.

    • Haha I like it. After we got beat by Arsenal the amount of stuff the rags were posting taking the you know what was unbelievable. The phrase counting chickens before they've hatched comes to mind. It couldn't have ended any better for us but I aged about 10 years in 2 weeks.The footage of Fred Done the bookmaker explaining why he was paying out on United winning the title before we had even played Arsenal just shows how arrogant some of them are.

    • Apparently Warnock was at Anfield yesterday so possibly Carragher - Shelby ? Also the normal Ward and the other Pompey player. I would still like Smudger back seeing as he has proved he can still score goals as he went back up front, shocking what happened to him at Hudderfield by the way! M.O.T

    • Bryan we are all holding our breaths in anticipation. Warnock's QPR's target was Clint Hill but once again it's in the balance. However at 33 he is not going to get much mileage out of him. The raid on Pompey continues if not actual but in negoitiation once again. Ward and Gregg Halford are favourites to sign if we are to believe the rumours. I like the look of both and Halford at 6 feet 4 ins would be ideal and he has played all season at CB with Pearce so it would make sense to sign him with Tom Lees as the other CB things would look very promising. Green is the other running favourite for midfield as he currently will be out of contract at Derby.
      If Warnock was watching last nights play off at the "Small Dogs Kennel" then he will have been impressed with the display of MKD's trio ,Lewington at LB, Williams at CB and a big powerful lad in midfield Powell. All three would be tremendous signings if we could get them. If Aidy continues to prat us about with, will I wont I attitude, then Lewington would be a more than ample substitute.
      How are we going to find the money to sign all of Warnocks targets I hear you say. I got a sniff of a strong rumour from a reliable source today that McCormack and White are on their way with Snoddy close behind. However if Lambert goes to Villa it might be a while before Snoddy moves on. The sum accrued from the sale of the trio would cover the cost of all his purchases. That however would still leave us with a large wage bill if we cannot off load the unwanted.

    • It is quiet indeed, Bryan! Maybe summat I said?
      There are rumours (credible ones, like signing Ward, Green, and Hill; and incredible ones, like Leeds signing Taarbt and Snoddy going to Reading) but, after the fiasco that was last close season, I don't think Leeds fans wants to get their hopes up only to be disappointed again... 'Bated breath time, I guess.