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  • BRYAN BRYAN May 21, 2012 12:17 Flag

    Coli's Finding it Hard!

    Reading the reports of Colins' endeavours to bring in players he ius obviously finding it difficult to get the players he wants. Sound familiar?
    KB must have put the same restraints on him as he did on Larry, so we could be in for another disappointing summer, and only bringing in second best. That won't encourage Snoddy to stay either.
    When will Bates realise that he has to invest in the team and not in the ground or casinos? If we were promoted to the premier league there would be enough money to build the stand he wants. Surely even he can see that.
    Heard a rumour that he lost his case to Melvin Levy so no doubt that will have cost Colin a few million from his budget!

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    • Based on existing evidence, Bates is a certifiable megalomaniac – he, probably, actually believes that the world revolves around him and that his thoughts and decisions are crucial to the future of football, and may extend to life and social mores in general. In this context, Ken Bates’ sobriquet, ‘Master Bates’, is apposite as, like Nero, he ‘fiddles' - with his ego and 'tantric' delusions of 'slow aroural' (Yeuk!) while Leeds burns.

    • Sounds like White is on his way out as well so more leaving than coming in, though it's early doors!

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      • If he has lost the case against Mr Levi, i wonder what his punishment will be? No doubt it will be a fine that will come out of the United coffers, but im praying he gets at least a suspended sentence and warned about his future conduct. At least that might shut the stupid old fool up for a while!!
        I was full of hope a few weeks ago Bryan, but it now looks like we are going to lose Snoddy, Ross, Clayton and white, and Warnock is going to have a real battle to get us a team capable of promotion if these players leave. OK he might use the money to go out and bring in some more players, but we all know players take time to settle into a club, and time is not something Colin has much of if he is to do what he intends.
        There is something seriously wrong at our club when ALL our players are not signing new contracts and are happy to move on or let the contracts run down. They cant ALL be greedy or have been given bad advice by their agents.
        It was interesting to read today that Carlton Cole took a 50% wage cut when the hammers were relegated and was on £14K a week in the championship. Now in my book Ross had a much better season than Cole, who can best be described as hit and miss, so this figure of £15K that is getting laughed out of town by the bearded one is not far off the mark for good Championship players. I know if i saw someone in my area of work getting paid more than me, despite me doing a better job, but my boss was not paying me the going rate, i would jump ship if an offer came in. OK they get paid obscene amounts of money but that is the market rate for what they do and they probably dont like seeing players with less ability getting paid much more than them.
        Bates needs to realise that he has to come out of the dark ages and start spending money on decent wages for the players who deserve at least the going rate. Look at Howson and Johnson who look more than comfortable in the premiership with Norwich. If we had given them what they wanted/deserved who knows where we would be, and how much they would be worth? a lot more than the £2M we got for Howson im sure.