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  • Jez Jez May 25, 2012 15:25 Flag

    Got some spare change?

    So we have missed out on signing the lad Ward from Pompey, because Crystal Palace (yes that right) have come up with the paltry sum of £400K in full, after we offered to pay in installments.
    Now can someone explain to me how despite posting profits of nearly £4M BEFORE the sale of Kasper, Max AND Howson, we cant come up with what is in effect a modest amount of money in football terms.
    On various supporters websites there is talk of Colin walking out, and although these rumours are a little premature, i would not blame him if this is a sign of things to come. Colin said that he wanted at least 3-5 players in before he went on holiday, but here we are with only one albeit good player added to our mediocre squad.
    The amount of people signing up to join LUST is going through the roof and if the parasite thought last seasons demonstrations were bad, then he aint seen nothing yet unless there are some serious investments in the coming weeks.
    Ive said before that i was full of hope a few weeks ago when Colin was saying what his plans were, but saying and doing are a whole different scenario where ever that old man is concerned. Im trying my best to hold out and keep positive, but my head is telling me that we can expect another long season of turmoil with fans and the board at each others throats. The stubborn old fool will relish all the unrest im sure and wont be going anywhere soon, so i guess its as you were with nothing changing much from last season, apart from another batch of our best players leaving the mad house!!

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    • I'm sure if the funds are not made available Warnock will walk out and we will be if not already a laughing stock! If we can't stump up 400k then there must be serious cash flow problems at Leeds, HOW we say I buddy wish I knew. The fans will disappear in their droves and Bates will be left with an empty shell and no money! There is one thing to remember Leeds will still be here long after Bates has gone! M.O.T WHERE'S ALL OUR MONEY GONE?

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      • The title of Peter Lorimer’s piece today, in his weekly YEP column, was “Snoddy right to bide time”. As the ‘supporters’ representative’ on the board of Leeds United, Lorimer is used instead, cynically, as a mouthpiece to present the board’s views to supporters. The subliminal message in Lorimer’s article is that Leeds fans (not Snoddy) should bide their time.
        The key phrase in Lorimer’s article is “...we need to invest in the squad and that will happen between now and August.” – In effect, he is urging us to wait until the start of the new season to see if Leeds has assembled a team capable of challenging for promotion. This is in contradiction to Neil Warnock’s plan to have players in place, integrated as a team, and ready to take the Championship by storm. However, it is in line with Bates’ comments about not paying players’ wages when they are not involved in matches. It also smells of the same bull’ that Bates produced last season.
        In the 1980s, when at Chelsea, Bates said he would not rest until he had destroyed Leeds United or words to that effect. He may have spoken in a fit of pique but, judging by his record since coming to Leeds, it is not unreasonable to believe that what he said then is true now.
        With the lack of transparency in all Bates dealings it is impossible to make a case against him as a fit and proper owner of Leeds. However, if the government, HMRC, and football’s authorities had any balls they would use the same argument to cut this tax-evading cancer that is Ken Bates out of English football.

    • I've just read about Ward going to Palace, and if we can't afford £400k there is something seriously wrong down at ER.
      I think Colin will resign after his holiday (if he has any sense), and then there will be an uprising to like never before. However master Bates holds all the cards, and will be thrilled at seeing our club being brought to it's knees.
      When will this nonsense stop, and when will the truth about where the money is disappearing to come out? Never, most likely. I now believe that Division 1 is beckoning again!