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  • Andrew Andrew May 27, 2012 17:47 Flag

    Bates to sell

    A strong rumour is emerging that Ken Bates is in take-over talks and the Leeds will get a new owner.
    The club stalling on signing new players and Bates recent radio silence are being cited as evidence that this rumour has substance.
    Has anyone else heard more details?

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    • He's out of the running Lotto! (As per Yorks. Post). so that only leaves the mystery North Americans who had a tour of the ground and TA last Thursday. A long time ago for nothing to have come out in the open.

    • This guy looking at Forest and Leeds, hope he picks us!
      Head of Sports News at Watan TV (Kuwait) @Fahad_Alibrahim claiming Al Hasawi is in negotiations to buy Leeds United

    • Who indeed Bryan will rid us from this despicable Bumptious Buffoon Bates. The thought of Bates playing with and teasing potential investors is enough to ignite the most passive amongst us to fury. If and when a takeover occurs then it would be justice to have the seven years of Bates's stewardship struck from the Annals of LUFC and confined to the bowels of Knostrop (sewage works) where he belongs.

    • Here we go, here we go, here we go.
      Daily Mail reports KB wants investors to double the £40m tabled, whilst he retains ER, TA et al.
      That won't happen and it looks like false hopes once again.
      Just another ploy by KB to take the heat away from him not investing yet again this summer.
      This will definitely mean Snoddy on the move and a Colin resignation, leaving us facing Division 1 again.
      If this does happen we won't need a hit man someone will do it for free!

    • It all depends on the money available to spend. There are two or three players from QPR who spring to mind Paddy K, Shaun Derry and Fitz Hall. I think he will go for Gregg Halford CB from Portsmouth to complement Jason Pearce and with Tom Lees signing a new contact should suffice for CB's. Derby could find themselves under attack from NW as he fancies Green MF and Davis striker. If he has real money to spend then I would like Jacob Butterfield from Barnsley and try and entice Max G to return from France. Pipe dreams a plenty but who knows.

    • Good to see something positive happening at long last. As a side issue do you think Warnock will raid QPR for a few players if and when he gets the money to do so?

    • Excellent bit of "bird dogging" Lotto that explains a lot. We live in hope that things move quickly and Singapore Sid and his Bangkok buddies aren't involved. MOT in hope of better times.

    • According to Yorkshire TV there are now 3 in the running Bryan so fingers crossed we get the right one to push us forward so we can all March On Together to the Premiership then Europe, we shall conquer..... M.O.T

    • Great post Lotto!
      At least it gives us something to get excited about.
      Fingers crossed as that group would have access to enough money to get us back where we belong.

    • Another bit of news

      "OK, David O'Leary worked out that way after he left Leeds? So got to know some moneybags men and got a group together with Pini Zahavi tabling a deal from Aymin Hariri and his "associates" Investment Holding Group.

      Deal is all but done and dusted after bates wanted more for thorpe arch as he says it has planning permission for houses and wanted £2m more that its currently valued at? There is another deal in the offing from another group I know nothing about. Bates being Bates has gone off aboard no doubt to bide his time to see if the other deal comes good and to play one off against the other at a guess but is unlikely to match that of the above.

      Mean time no money is to go in or out except day to day running or players already on the transfer list.

      Ward can't come in due to the above, white has been promised what he wants if its done which is why he hasn't moved yet and snoddy will sign a new deal. Colin will get £20m for players and has till xmas to be in with promotion.

      Colin was asked for an assessment of the players and has told them he would require 8 or 9 new players starting 11 + snoddy, mcormack and white getting new deals.

      He estimated upto £20m which he was told wouldn't be an issue.

      Just for your info, bates hasn't had too many dealing with the club of late, he also wants a further payment if we get the casino due to movement in forecast figures.

      Harvey has been in charge of day to day running of the club for over 12 months now with Williams running all things team related, transfer, contract negotiations, loaning of players etc.
      Rumours Rumours ayy but thought I'd post it. M.O.T

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