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  • The Dunster The Dunster Jun 6, 2012 12:43 Flag

    So What's Going On?

    Whoever eventually takes over let's hope they have more respect for the traditions of the club than the Malaysian lot who have taken over Cardiff City. The Bluebirds are now The Red Dragons and have a red kit instead of blue. It shouldn't be allowed. PS has anyone heard anything whatsoever regarding the take over? I follow numerous journalists on twitter and you get lots of info a few days before it happens off them. I've heard nothing regarding your situation.

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    • There has been nothing at all. Deadly quiet - silent as the grave!
      Can't tell whether this is good or bad!

    • Actually, Dunster, if you think about it, 'Red Dragons' is a good ID for a Welsh club - who other than Vera Lynn and a few souls from Dover would want to support Blue Birds! Though I can understand why, as a Man Blue fan, Cardiff's colour shift to red rankles but, hey, this just makes MANC more special.
      Under Bates, thruths emerging from Leeds United are as likely as light escapting from a black hole. However, the fact that Bates has stopped his weekly rant on Yorkshire Radio suggests that something is happening. I hate the wait but see it a bit like watching for white smoke over the Vatican.