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  • BRYAN BRYAN May 31, 2012 09:22 Flag

    So What's Going On?

    Not only with LU, but this board seems to be having a hiatus.
    Reading between the lines on the "Take Over" reports, it seems to me that Bates is looking for his cake and wants to eat it.
    My view is that he does not want to lose control just yet, and will stay as Chairman to continue covering up his scams.
    Interestingly, one of the possible investors is worth $2 billion and is a real estate and casino magnate. If it's true, he should be aware of KB's trickery, and hopefully would want a controlling interest. That might suit KB at this moment in time as it might keep him under the radar and yet at the same time help him make more millions fro any future development.

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    • If Warnock goes to Forest, which seems likely now, Kenny will follow him there, and we may have problems in hanging on to Lonergan. Brick by brick, Bates is destroying Leeds.
      PS I even got the anagram wrong, it should have been 'charge' not 'change'!
      MOT, to L1?

    • Cheers Andy, it's the one constant we have to cling to..MOT
      Paddy now available, good or bad for Lonners?

    • Clue: 'Change nothing, MOT'

    • Haha, TCB, thanks for the nod (anagram of Don) you had me fooled. I thought you were a 'watcher mind pun' (anagram of WUM).
      Exclamations like 'ZZZZZZZZZ!', 'boring!', and 'whatever!' are surefire conversation killers; as any kid knows, and that's what had me fooled. But, fair comment! When the only news coming out of Leeds is another Bates court case, what is there to talk about? Bates is a pathological wind up merchant and is probably loving every minute of keeping Leeds fans guessing about the future of our club.
      'Change nothing, Tom' - can you work out that anagram?

    • D DAY ANNIVERSARY... and still no sight yet of anyone being landed.
      But wait, breaking news, Shaun Harvey spotted mid -channel in a one man dingy going round in circles hoping the tide will turn.

    • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      Wake me up before you go go Bates!

    • Andy, I fervently hope you are right. You certainly make a good case for it being so, and if he can swing the casino project to his preferred supplier it may just happen.
      The fact that we are showing interest in bringing Killa back to ER could also be a pointer, or just another of Bates's schemes to keep the fans hopes up. Either way there won't be a rush for season tickets just yet, which he must be hoping for. Let's hope that Colin is as wily as he can be and brings about the revolution needed!

    • Bryan, I share your concerns but, fool that I am, believe that this deal is for real. I suspect that negotiations about investment in, or a take-over of, Leeds United began before Simon Grayson was sacked and that Neil Warnock's appointment was a part of the deal - he may even have skin in the deal through his inside knowledge of the alleged Kuwati take-over bids for QPR that were rejected during his time there.
      Whatever, Neil Warnock would not have bought into Leeds, as his last hurrah, on Bates' record of investment in the team. He would have insisted on guarantees of funding. I suspect that the funding is there, in the form of a take-over proposal, but Ken Bates is haggling about his primary interest in Leeds, which has always been property development.

    • Looks to me like the only player in the field is the American consortium, but KB has got Lorimer spouting what he wants again.
      I have a dreadful feeling that grey whiskers is playing mind games with the fans again.
      If this all fizzles out he will no doubt say he has spent all the spare cash on advisers leaving nothing in the transfer pot for Colin to spend.
      same old story by the looks of things, bet hey I can live in hope!

    • So it looks like an American, Kuwait, or Australian as Viduka tweeted about Aussie buyer. Any other wayward rumours chaps, any? M.O.T to a Billionaire who lowers prices spends big, makes Elland Road a 60,000 fortress with a 20k Kop!

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