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    So What's Going On (Continued)

    I'm only starting a new thread as Yahoo seems to get tied up in knots when they become too long.
    Interesting article by Gary Walker in tonight's YEP which makes a lot of sense to me. I know Colin has been on holiday, but even he has been quiet, so I can only conclude that there is big trouble at mill!
    As Walker says it seems very unlikely that a takeover is imminent and more likely as the club stated 'investment is being sought'. He makes the point that this could be in the form of stadium sponsorship which is probably the only avenue left for KB to go down to get some money into the coffers, as it is now painfully obvious he does not intend to put any of the £6M he is allowed from his own funds.
    For a chairman who claims he only has the best interests of the club at heart, he has wasted up to £4M of club funds on Melvyn Levi, and still won't let the moths out of his Monaco pockets. No one could blame Colin if he moves to Forrest (as per the article) where he would have the funds to get his record promotion.
    We are obviously looking at losing 3 more class players with no funds for replacing them with other than loanees.
    A trip back to Division One is more likely than investment.

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    • Too true, Tom! I've complained to Yahoo but, as in the past, had no reply.
      I found the board by clicking on everything in sight. The 'Leeds United fixtures' tab led to the Message Boards. Who'd have thought of that - inspirational and intuitive programming, Ya poo geeks!

    • Open yahoo sport home page "Euro Sport" Type in the search window ..Yahoo Leeds United message board" and select from info.
      Save page as bookmark or like you say retrieve from History.
      I bet Andy is jumping up and down and the air is blue.
      I think I will select this way as it gets you thro without trolling.
      I'll wager its a Man U geek doing the restructuring!!

    • You just scroll down and click on the message board panel don't yeh.

    • Im struggling to get on here as well, so i went into my history and clicked on the link from the other day. Worked a treat. Looks like Yahoo have changed the layout of their site so it might just be teething problems while they get the site finished.

    • How did you get in Lotto?

    • Got through the back door Lotto as the new "in" to the message board through News has disappeared again. Typed in search window "yahoo Leeds United message board" and bingo! What a useless lot of "geeks".

    • Is it me or are Yahoo trying their hardest to hide the message boards, is anyone else finding it harder to log into here?

    • I for one don't believe Bates is skint but I do believe with L.U.S.T and all of the fans boycotting he will be loosing money soon, and thats the one thing he doesn't want! Any how latest rumour a South African consortium is interested, do I believe it who knows that's why they are rumours. M.O.T

    • Sorry Andy, but I don't believe for one minute that KB is skint unless he has made a humongous mistake with his other investments. Let's hope he has and so has to sell his one remaining asset.
      Lotto is tight in saying that for the players to come out with the statement they have things must be dire within the camp. I had a look at the first team squad on the web site earlier, and see that only 19 players are listed and 4 of those are transfer listed and one is crocked. Some squad we are left with at the moment and with no transfer funds available we can not escape relegation.
      Everyone pry for a takeover or we may never recover.

    • "To live outside of the law you gotta be honest" - Bob Dylan. Bates, with his offfshore, tax-doging businesses, chooses to live outside of the law but his honesty is, at best, a moot point.
      As the global economy contracts, pressure will be placed on offshore accounts (often used for money laundering) as countries try to rid themselves of toxic debts. By their natue, offshore investments are involved with dodgy money and speculation in toxic debt, The chances that Bates' offshore investment 'fortune' has been lost are high - he may even have less than no money!
      Rationaly, if there is an offer on the table, Bates has to sell Leeds. However, after seven years of putting property development over the team at Leeds, he may cling to this as his only remaining investment.
      Poor Ken, or what!

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