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  • BRYAN BRYAN Jun 13, 2012 22:16 Flag

    Warnocks Silence

    For a man that loves the media and never stops talking, Colin is ominously quiet.
    He has been back, what, 3 day? Not a peep. it was down to Redfearn to comment on the web site at how pleased he was that so many youngsters had signed pro forms. Surely Colin would have expressed his thoughts about these youngsters coming into the squad as it would surely have given them a boost and massaged their egos. Not a peep.
    Rumours in the papers re Peltier signing for us. Where is Colins comment? Not a peep!
    Ominous signs methinks.

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    • Deakin, it is not you it is Yahoo! The company is cutting costs because it is probably going out of business. The irony is that the cuts will ensure it goes out of business - but that's what happens when accountants take control!
      Pretty much the same approach (of balancing the books v ambition) has marred Leeds' chances of recovery during Bates' regime.
      With new owners (recently rumoured to be from Bahrain!) investing in Leeds' potential as a sleeping giant, ambition, instead of cost-cutting, will be the new mantra at the club and we will see, again, a 'united' Leeds!

    • Got to say i really dont like this format that Yahoo are using I cant really see the news item to comment on like we used to! Anyway probably my inability to use the computer!! Hopeless really. Anyway I get better news out of you blokes than I do out of ER. A disaster of a season looks like spilling over into a disastrous pre season and then its all down hill after that!!

    • It's a shame the NOW jouno's are no longer operating as they were otherwise we could have had some fun.
      Having said that KB has managed to outwit the press on quite a few occasions.
      Maybe Adrian can do job for us on the inside!

    • Before Bates would open his books to anyone he will have insisted on castiron non-disclosure legal agreements. The chances of his dark dealings ever coming into public scrutiny are about the same as light emerging from a black hole...
      Oh, how we need a mole at Elland Road, or pre Leveson 'investigative' journalists!

    • Andy, believe me I am not a patient person at all. I always want things to happen yesterday, but we all know that with KB in charge that is never going to happen.
      Even with massive investment (which I don't believe we will get from the potential new owners being mentioned), this league is the hardest to escape from, and even pumping money into the club (aka Leicester) is no guarantee of success.
      KB is in this club to get as much out of it for KB as he can. Simple as. I hope that when and if the club is sold the investigations into him continue and hopefully more vigorously than ever.
      It looks like we have lost one of our global fans already as Peter has not posted for some time now , and maybe there will be more, but like the fan base in Leeds, our glorious days will be passed down from father to son no matter what part of the world - hopefully.
      Here is to the mighty whites becoming the global force once again. MOT

    • Bryan, you are more patient than most. Leeds can't afford to hang around in the Championship for another year. With the new £3bn sponsorship deal, the Premiership will cast the other leagues adrift and if Leeds isn't on that 'ship' it may never return to being the club it once was.
      During the years Bates' lack of investment has kept Leeds out of top flight football new global audiences have emerged; audiences that know nothing about Leeds' glorious past. If Leeds is not to become a mere side note in football history it needs significant investment in the team this term. A serious investor in, or buyer of, the club will know this. The problem is Ken Bates - will he stand in the way or move aside to let the Whites become mighty again?

    • I reality I don't mind how long it takes as long as the end result is that Bates goes and we get someone in who understands football and is prepared to put money in where their mouth is.
      If it means another year in the championship I can accept that as long as there is a clear intent for the future.
      I am not sure we will be lucky enough to get the dream scenario of a multi billionaire who loves football, but maybe Abramovich will follow in Bates footsteps and come to Leeds!

    • According to Colin its business as usual and hes looking forward to getting in some new players and planning for next season.
      But we all know what football can be like, say one thing and actually mean another, or someone makes a decision for you. Just look at 'arry, one day denying hes leaving Spurs, next day out on his ar$e.
      Just wish this "takeover" would get sorted out so we all knew where we stood because the longer it drags on the more players we are going to miss out on.

    • Lets hope that he is too busy signing players to break off to comment Bryan.
      However the latest rumour to surface is that there is a deal going through to buy the club and that it is in the "due diligence process". Warnock we are informed knows his budget but cant make a move until it reaches a positive conclusion.Lets hope that for all our sakes it's true!

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      • If the rumour is correct, and as my old dad used to say 'No news is good news', then that would explain some of the silence, but surely the awarding of contracts to academy players would not fit in to that category.
        Redfearn has made the statement on the website, and whilst that would be expected to some extent as they are all under his care, surely Colin would have said something welcoming them to the squad, as that is only good man management.
        Something is obviously going on, but who the hell knows what!