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  • BRYAN BRYAN Jun 18, 2012 11:59 Flag

    New Fixture List

    Well I don't wish to be pessimistic, but we couldn't have got a harder start to the season if we has asked for it!
    It only goes to show that this league will be very difficult next season and if we don't improve the squad dramatically you can easily see us bottom of the table come the end of September.
    Action is needed now Master Bates - move on or put your hands in your pockets now!!

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    • Bryan, expect transfers to come in thick and fast after 1st July - Neil would not be here if he knew he had no chance of assembling and bonding a new team in pre-season.
      Maybe also expect an announcement from the club about "investment for the long-term future" in July too!

    • Tom, I agree with your selections in response to Bryan's question - if only because I have no idea of who else Neil may have on his radar, apart from Diouf.
      Diouf, 'sewer rat' though he may be, would be an excellent addition to Leeds for his ability to run the midfield and supply strikers.

    • Well it's the same as usual.
      Only freebies coming in although somewhat better quality than normal.
      Colin is obviously being hampered by the lack of funds available, but I must admit it is now looking like there may be a serious contender for a takeover, who hopefully are currently doing due diligence.
      Let's hope KB will be relinquishing his post soon and that not too many gremlins come out of the bank accounts to spoil the party.

    • Bryan I was disappointed that we missed out on Keith Andrews last season I think he would fit the bill. He is now on a free transfer and up for grabs.He strikes me as a positive attacking midfield player with a more than good eye for goal and has a bit of "fire in the belly" as they say. I thought that he was one of the few Irish players who stood out in the group matches. In his early thirties but you wouldn't think so with the way he trammed up and down for the duration. If the takeover is imminent and I feel sure it is and there seems to be a few coins in the transfer kitty for old Warnock, then in addition I would try and sign Jacob Butterfield from Barnsley to compliment Andrews. I understand that it would cost us into seven figures to get him. Things look definitely on the up.

    • If you are right Tom, then summat is up!
      Drury signed today, and if Kenny and Peltier come, as you say the defense will be looking good.
      Any thoughts on a midfield general anyone?
      Slightly less unhappy...N Yorks.

    • Tom, that Neil Warnock is still in place and talking about signings and next season you gotta beliveve that summats getting sorted at the club.

    • Bryan, if we get the players Warnock wants we will meet the challenge. Let's hope we will enjoy these 'tough' fixutres!

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      • As you are well aware Andy we will only get the players Colin wants if we get investment coming in.
        Having said that 3 of the players mentioned would cost a total of £1.5-£2M and if we currently haven't got that to invest in players we are in serious trouble.
        Once again we are asking where has all the money gone, and why won't Bates put his hands in his pockets. For a guy who reputedly has millions and supposedly loves football he is extremely shy of spending on what is supposedly his hobby.
        I am beginning to think that one of your previous posts is possibly true and that Bates is close to being skint.