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  • Is there any truth that Warnock's taking out well matured insurance on the guys he's going for.
    H---Last of the summer wine.

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    • Isn't it weird everyone knows who the crap players were yet they still got picked! Steve I have done a few things, from Lithographic Printing, footy coaching, and other sports badges, Cooking lol, personal safety Martial Arts and self defense instructor, and a few other things I won't mention on the board! M.O.T

    • On a one way ticket for sure, but then you also have to know what you are doing not just labouring around trying to look good.

    • Rooney, Young and Milner should have been off at half time for me. Same old story, plod on regardless, don't change anything and hope for the best---just like our lasses cooking.
      H---totally embarrassed.

    • 'Just been watching England v Italy... Steve, could you get Rooney and Young jobs too!

    • Course Lottolee, what do you do?

    • Any jobs going Steve for fellow Leeds fans ;) M.O.T

    • Thanks for the welcome back Andrew and for the update, I'm here in Jordan trying to convert all the Manu fans into supporting us but they have their blinkers on. Let's hope the sale goes through quickly and that they have the club at heart and bring in the cash to support the return back. Bates was probably the right man at the time to stop the rot and turn the club around, I'm sure without him there might not even have been a LUFC going now, which we must thank him for, but as everyone is saying time to move on and get out of ER, Lets just hope we never return to the dark days again and only see the light going forward. I don't however, see LUFC gaining promotion with the same team as last year, and the with just three new players isn't going to help us gain automatic promotion, but fingers crossed, I do think we have the man to get us there, but he is not going to be the long time manager, max three years, maybe even shorther than that.

      Keep on writing and updating everyone MOT. from Jordan.

    • Hi Steve, it is good to hear from you again - you certainly get around the world!
      I was wondering how you managed to find the board; Yahoo has hidden it and this seems to have stopped overseas posters from contributing.
      As regards your question, "is the club to be sold and, if so, to whom?", there is no answer as yet. As usual, under the Bates' regime, fans are kept in the dark but the general buzz is that our dark days are soon to be over.
      MOT wherever you are!

    • Interestingly LU are 4th favourites to win the Championship next season at 10-1 with Leicester favourites at 6-1 followed by Wolves and Bolton at 8-1.
      Bookies are seldom wrong and I wonder if they are backing Colin or LU

    • lol yeah over a thousand pages, but someone seems to be in the know and most people think it is legit, but like you say I'll believe it when I see it M.O.T

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