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    No news is…

    No news is not good news; it is nothing. Nothing is what Bates has given Leeds United. As he, reportedly, negotiates the sale of our club, at a substantial profit for himself and his shady, offshore, tax dodging cronies, Bates will leave Leeds in the same position (mid table in the Championship) as it was when he bought it in 2005.
    After seven years of Bates’ regime, Leeds supporters have had nothing – unless you count relegation, administration, point deduction penalties, pointless property developments, frustration at the lack of investment and ambition, the sale of player assets, grudge litigations, controversial and politically contentious programme notes, and being called ‘morons’.
    While Leeds supporters have had nothing, Bates has milked the club, allegedly, through loss making non-core businesses, dodgy, high interest loans to non-specified creditors, and exorbitant ticket prices; to say nothing of the huge rents paid to mysterious offshore owners of Elland Road and Thorp Arch.
    Ken Bates has been nothing but a cancer destroying the club. Like a cancer, cutting him out will not be easy. His dark dealings will have affected every aspect of the club’s system and any recovery the club may make under new ownership is unlikely to escape fully the pathogens of his regime.
    As Bryan stated in an earlier post, Bates should be prosecuted, whether he sells or stays at Leeds, for his misdemeanours and as an example of what is wrong, not only in football ownership but society as a whole, where unaccountable, offshore, tax dodging owners of organisations think they can get away with duping hard working customers into paying for their millionaire lifestyles.
    No news is Bates getting away with it, again!

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    • I see he's starting nights, Andy, eh.

    • 'Just in case you didn't get the inferences, a flea is a blood-sucking parasite and a 'chicken' is a coward.

    • Sorry, Tom, Al, I get all my jokes from Christmas crackers, and have usually forgotten them come Boxing Day. However, here's one I recall:
      Q: What do you get when you cross a chicken with a flea?
      A: An itchy cock!
      Substitute 'kop' for 'cock' and it pretty well sums up Bates' relationships with his managers!
      Tales from the scratching shed.

    • Peter accused of "bricking it " Al?
      Sore thumbs!
      The old ones are the best ask Andy

    • Wasn't he the guy who Omar Sharif knocked off his camel for pinching water in the dessert?
      H---Peter O'Toole's retirement handler.

    • Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Mubarak Al Khalifa was linked with Leeds on rumour sites last week – and the YEP reported the rumour yesterday.
      Today, in an article titled ‘So who’s next for a takeover’, The Sun reported: “Bahrain’s Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Mubarak Al Khalifa is being linked with Leeds United and it is easy to see why he would want them. They have a huge fan base, a well-known history and a squad capable of Championship promotion next season. But one of the most important factors is the Elland Road 37,000-seater stadium. Investors need to be sure they are not splashing out £100million on a new ground.”
      That last sentence explains why Bates has focused his attention on improving the ground instead of the team – like any property developer, he was only interested in ‘tarting-up’ the premises to make them more desirable to a buyer. What a shame he doesn’t own the premises – or does he!

    • more news

      Sports News

      Looking at Leeds

      Posted On » July 11 - 17, 2012 (Volume:10 / Issue 80)

      LEEDS UNITED last night moved a step closer to a change of ownership after it was confirmed the club, which plays in the second tier of English football, have entered ‘a period of exclusivity’ with one interested party believed to be led by a Bahraini supporter, writes Stan Szecowka.

      Officials have been in discussions for several weeks with a host of would-be suitors over a possible buyout.

      Among those bidding to get involved in one of the fallen giants of European football have been groups from the US and Canada, plus serious interest from at least one consortium with links to the Gulf region.

      Various names, including members of Bahrain’s ruling family, have been bandied about by international media and online fan forums but no-one has confirmed being involved.

      The group of Middle Eastern investors, with links across the region, are expected to complete a takeover of Leeds United this week, according to the latest reports.

      It is believed to be headed by Shaikh Abdulrahman bin Mubarak Al Khalifa, a lifelong supporter of Leeds who was previously linked with a failed takeover of the club in 2003.

      Back then he told reporters: “I fell in love with the club when I was 11-years-old when Leeds played Chelsea in the 1970 FA Cup Final. Leeds mean everything to me, I was born to support them. Those who are closest to me, my friends and my family, know what Leeds United mean to me.”

      Friends of Shaikh Abdulrahman say he is currently visiting Europe and is not available to comment.

      United’s complicated ownership structure – Ken Bates owns 72.85 per cent but mystery surrounds who has control of the remaining shares – plus neither its Elland Road stadium nor Thorp Arch training ground being under the club’s control, means putting a timescale on a deal being concluded is difficult.

      Manager Neil Warnock, however, who took Queens Park Rangers into the English Premiership when the side was sponsored by Gulf Air, is likely to be buoyed by the news that the drawn-out saga is edging closer to a conclusion.

      The club statement read: “Leeds United can confirm they have granted an exclusivity period to enable a potential investor to carry out the appropriate due diligence.

      “It is anticipated this will be a fairly straightforward process. A confidentiality clause prevents the club from making any further comment.

      “However, our discussions with them have left us very comfortable that they have the financial resources to support the club and that they will have no issues in satisfying the requirements of the Football League’s Owners and Directors Test, unlike many of the previous approaches we have had to endure.”

      Leeds United Supporters’ Trust chairman Gary Cooper told BBC Radio Leeds he understands the consortium bidding to invest in the club is from the Middle East.

      I remember this guy, he is a big money man in Kuwait and the Middle East, into many things from new cars showrooms to new build construction oil and gas, He was once a sponser for the big project in Kuwait that I worked on, so yes could be a good move, but keep my thoughts with an open mind.

    • Leeds linked with Bahrain investors
      The mystery group of Middle East investors poised to take control of Leeds is headed by Bahrain's Shaikh Abdulrahman bin Mubarak Al Khalif, it has been reported.
      Shaikh Abdulrahman is a lifelong Leeds supporter and was previously linked with a failed takeover of the club in 2003. Bahrain-based newspaper Gulf Weekly has reported that friends have confirmed he is currently in Europe and unavailable for comment.

      According to the newspaper, Shaikh Abdulrahman told reporters in 2003: "I fell in love with the club when I was 11-years-old when Leeds played Chelsea in the 1970 FA Cup final.

      "Leeds mean everything to me, I was born to support them. Those who are closest to me, my friends and my family, know what Leeds United mean to me."

      Leeds confirmed at the end of last month that they had granted permission to an unnamed group of potential investors to conduct due diligence.

      So now we all know who it is I will do my research and see what I can find out

    • Just the job he is up front. Big strong bustling bxgger with one good season left.

    • Hartlepool Soaps Al? First the Waltons and now Howards Way.
      What next?

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