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  • Andrew Andrew Jun 29, 2012 16:27 Flag

    Guess the new owner

    Jez, I agree. The smart money has to be on the UAE consortium headed by Duncan Revie. I'd also bet that, even after the takeover, the consortium behind Duncan Revie will prefer to remain anonymous - when the Abu Dhabi United Group bought Man City, Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyen became its public face and I think he regrets the publicity.
    Historically, Man City and Leeds have a lot in common (including Don Revie!) and I can see the 'new investors', especially if they are from the UAE, plotting a route to success for Leeds similar to that Man City followed - it is as if these guys are looking at football clubs with the same eye they use to to breed winning racing horses...
    Your reply to Steve's question also gets my approval - it is basically the LUST vision for Leeds. I'd simplify it to one word, 'ambition'!

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    • If there is indeed a UAE consortium headed by Duncan Revie and they are prepared to do for us what has been done for Man City, then we do dare to dream.
      Looks like we will know one way or another next week so we can get on and enjoy (hopefully) a pre season rush of incoming quality players.
      Let's hope Colin has some good 'uns lined up.

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      • Few players, worth their salt, from the Premiership will drop down to a Championship side. This, presumably, is why Neil Warnock, a tried and tested expert in promoting teams from the Championship, has been hired by Leeds. Neil Warnock will sign the best players available at Championship level to assemble a team capable of promotion.
        When Leeds is in the Premiership, many of it Championship level players may find themselves surplus to requirements and this is why, probably, Neil Warnock is being hard about offering good deals to players whom, he may suspect, would rather have their futures protected by Leeds remaining in the Championship.
        As a Premiership club with ambition, Leeds will look to recruit world-class players and, possibly, replace its present squad totally. Leeds will need to contest with Man City, Chelsea, and the others....
        Only those playes at the club, presently, who have ambitions to be world class should consider signing new deals.

    • PS 'ambition' is the wrong word, it should be 'winning'!

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      • Gents,

        having worked in the middle east for many a year now, hence email address, I will say this if whoever it is then I just hope he is not from Kuwait, while you might think there are millions to be had from the middle east, then you will be mistaken. Kuwait is a funny country and the rich fall out with each other on a daily basis. Might not be the right kind of people we want at LUFC be warned!!!!!!!!