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  • Andrew Andrew Jun 28, 2012 11:55 Flag

    Guess the new owner

    The list of billionaires rumoured to be linked with the Leeds 'takeover' includes:
    Bernard Arnault
    Frank Lowy
    Fawaz Al-Hasawi
    Kenneth Griffin
    Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani
    Sheikh Maktoum
    A UAE consortium headed by Duncan Revie...
    What do you reckon, lads?

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    • Superb!
      Ah... to think I once did not like Neil Warnock!

    • 'True enough, Al... Warnock is at Leeds to get Leeds promoted. He may pay lip service (what does that actually mean!) to the future but his main concern is his last hurrah. The majority of players he has been linked with, or signed, are reliable, experienced (old) Championship battlers.
      I can see Warnock setting up a Leeds side that is hard to beat but, unless he can find an Adel Taarabt type player (or players), his 'new Leeds' might find that winning games is equally difficult.
      Warnock is an 'old school' manager - a bit like Roy Hodgson - jeeze, they even look alike! - and I cannot see him ever setting up a Leeds side that will dazzle. However, if he gets Leeds promoted, he will have done his job, he'll receive the plaudits, and eternal gratitude of fans, but it will be the time for him to retire.

    • Popeye had his spinach. Alf Tupper trained on fish and chips.Warnock loves his oggies, so cant see a problem Al.

      Phil O' San and Lon Gevity. :-)

    • Said it before, so I'll say it again. Warnock's got one eye on retirement and I get the feel that his agreement with Bates is a short term see how it goes carry on. Whether he's got the impetus to carry you guys forward for the next 4 or 5 years I very much doubt. I doubt whether knew owners if they are really genuinely motivated would see him as the right man.
      H---sick of watching paint dry

    • Today's Daily Mail said Colin was persuaded to stay.
      Must mean funds will be coming shortly and indicates a fall out with Bates.
      When will the mystery end, and will the truth ever come out?

    • I was just about to post in similar vein Andy. How NW has let Butterfield slip through the transfer window is unbelievable. Even now the suggestion is that the transfer fee has gone to arbitration which suggests that the initial fee offered was "peanuts". At twenty two he would have been ideal to build a team for the future! I am becoming a little uneasy about NW as I fear as I posted earlier his plans are for the immediate future IE to achieve "his goal" and not the long term future of the club. I do hope the new owners who ever they may be confront Warnock about extending the length of his tenure to meet the demands likely to evolve when our boat comes in. How can he complain about Aidy delaying signing on for a longer spell when he is here for a possible 12 months and no more. I honestly do like Warnock and believe that at present he is the right man for the job only results will tell and 12 months will be an eternity if we don't get off to a flyer.
      Martin Cranie highly rated defender who can play anywhere along the back line has just made himself available by refusing to sign another contract for Coventry @ 25 and ex under England 21 player 6 ft tall lets see if he goes for him he is on a free!!

    • Isn't £6billion about what Abramovich is worth? That's minted, but nowhere near Sheikh Maktoum's £79billion... It is getting a bit like a 'my sheikh is bigger than your sheikh competition...And another day goes by without any news of who the new owners (buyers of Leeds) are. LUST has said that it is the seller (Bates) blocking an announcement - why?
      Meanwhile, the transfer market is hotting up and Neil Warnock is missing his target signings as other clubs sign deals - Chambers is reported to have gone to Ipswich and Butterfield to Norwich.

    • Steve,lets hope it is an investor from Bahrain and part of the Kanoo Family. The head of the family is reported to be the 9th wealthiest Arab : Net Worth: US$ 6.1 Billion. 
      Group Industry: Travel & Hospitality, Energy, Construction & Industry.
      We should be so lucky. 

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