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  • Steve Steve Jul 11, 2012 16:44 Flag

    No suprise there

    Well guys I can't say I'm not suprised we have signed Kenny, not only that I thought everyone here would had thought the same. It's a good purchase for sure, looks like Colin is going to make sure we give it a good crack this season. Heres to more signings

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    • PS : Andy just checked the date and we play Bodmin Town at Priory Park. Wed July 25 the day we travel home. Got Tavistock and Bodmin dates mixed up. Bloody pills not working again! Family feud avoided. Just the season ticket to worry about now as soon as Bates b.ggers of.

    • Thanks Andy, more of a needs must family trip to visit Mum. My youngest son Mark and family are over staying with us on a visit from Canada and therefore it may be the last time for them to see Mum. My wife seriously would not object to me and son "nicking off" so to speak to see the lads as Mark was a season ticket holder prior to him going to Canada. However we are only going for four days and it may be a difficult decision to make if the sun is shining..Porthminster beach at St Ives or Bodmin in the "drizzle". I do know that Warnock and the lads are generating a great deal of excitement according to the Cornish Packet ( local newspaper). Lets hope Colin keeps them away from the pasties or they will be "huffing and puffing" when we play Shrewsbury. :-0

    • Tom, I envy you going to Cornwall - I haven't been back there for years!
      If your missus is not keen on you attending the Bodmin or Tavistock games, here's a cunning plan: tell her you have booked tickets for the Agatha Christie Greenways House at Brixham - but book for the games. Then, when you look at the tickets, on the day, tell her it's a 'mystery' and, as in an Agatha plot, you need to follow the clues!
      'Have a good hol, Tom! And report on what you see.

    • No surprise indeed, Steve – wherever Neil goes, it seems, Paddy follows! This is no bad thing; Paddy Kenny’s stats prove he is a good stopper.
      As every football pundit says, teams are built from the back, and you don’t get further back than the goalie – the player whose responsibility it is to organise a team’s defence.
      Like every fan and his wife know, Leeds’ weakness was its defence. Neil has set about addressing that weakness and turning it into strength. I just hope he is looking at the whole team and not just its parts. Our midfield has been weak (often bypassed) and our, once formidable, attack has been hit-and-miss.
      What I’d like to see now (assuming the funds are available) is Neil make a few ‘surprise’ signings that will turn a potentially ‘reliable’ team into match winners.