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  • Andrew Andrew Jul 13, 2012 20:18 Flag

    Rodolph Austin

    It is reported that Leeds is looking to sign Rodolph Austin from Norweigan Premier League side Brann - I sincerely hope we get him.... This is weird (probably only Easy, who no longer posts, would understand) but I had a vision of this midfielder as the catalyst for Leeds' success.
    Nostradamus, posting from the asylum?

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    • lol your as bad as me Tom...

    • Sons Of the Desert Lotto? One of the all time greats, lets hope we get there and don't go round in ever decreasing circles.
      L & H :--)

    • PS sorry for hijacking the thread Andy, just thought there was no point starting another one. M.O.T Lonnersgone so hopefully Austins power should be on it's way!!!!! I'll GET MY COAT.....

    • So UPDATED, basically LUST are definitely in the know, but they can't say who for obvious reasons is buying Leeds. So they have asked Leeds or the buyers to come forward with more information, they have stated it is an Arab consortium not a single person or Sheik! That's about it M.O.T

    • Yeah saw that don't quite believe it but we all know BATES! 6 pm radio Leeds LUST update mate :)

    • Hope Austin will be our A Forte and not a Moggie Minor Andy!
      Auto Trader

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      • This guy reminds me of a certain Olivier Dacourt with his bursting runs from midfield and his love of a tackle. If he ends up being anything like Dacourt i will be more than happy. Colin had him at QPR last season on a weeks trial and said he liked the look of him so expect this transfer to be done real soon before anyone else can hijack the move.

    • Well in the middle of the longest takeover of a football club in world history, this is certainly a piece of good news.
      He is reputedly a good player and was rated as on offer for over £2M only two years ago, so could be a good buy as long as we can get Nostradamus (the latest Brazilian wonderkid) to play alongside him.
      Joking apart I think he would be a good acquisition.
      The prospective buyers must have uncovered far more than they bargained for as this can be the only reason the 'investment' is taking so long. I only hope that if the takeover does not go ahead they will reveal all to the FA and FL.

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      • Bryan, I would be happier with the certainty that Leeds had already signed Rodolph Austin. The Leeds’ fansphere is buzzing with accolades to this player – as if he was already a Leeds legend. On Twitter, for instance, he is being described in a similar way as Bremner and Gray. These are a couple of example tweets: “When ghosts sit around campfires they tell Rodolph Austin stories”; and, “When Usain Bolt set the 100m world record, he imagined that he was running away from Rodolph Austin”…. With this kind of hype, every other club and his wife will be chasing Austin’s signature. Let’s just hope that Neil is closer to a deal than he is letting on.
        To pick up on your point about the Leeds takeover being the longest in football history, the rumours about signing Rodolph Austin parallel those about the takeover of the club. We are given tantalisingly positive announcements but no actual information – it is as if Bates (who has been, uncharacteristically, silent since the end of last term) is still running operations!
        After seven years of Bates’ suspect business practices, do Leeds fans dare to hope for honest ambition at the club again?