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  • Andrew Andrew Jul 23, 2012 22:14 Flag

    Beware of Virtumonde

    Virtumonde is an extremely clever 'trojan' virus that infects your computer when you use footy sites like Yahoo, YEP, TSS, and many others - you'll know if you computer has been infected because it will slow down and you will get unwanted ads displayed. Anti-spyware programs, like Spybot, seem to be incapable of destroying it - possibly because it benefits the ad click count on the sites it infests and they are reluctant to help remove it. Also, if you search for tools to remove it, you will find, at the top of the Google list, 'paid for' Virtumonde removal programs that will take your credit card details and empty your bank account - all part of the scam!
    The chances that you have Virtumonde on your system and don't know about it are greater than evens - run Spybot S&D and note that it identifies Virtumonde but does not irradicate it!
    I don't know how to solve this problem but I thought it important to let you know that, like sheep, we are likely to be penned-up and fleeced or slaughtered.
    Haha, 'Vitumonde' even sounds like one of Ken Bates' offshore companies...
    Over and 'Outro!!

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    • I have been informed that the only way to get rid of this type of virus is to back up your existing files and wipe the main drive and reload and install your operating system from the System Restore CD disc that came with the device purchased. During reload opt out of automatic upgrade option and close off windows defender. Go for one of the top virus protection programmes eg Kaspersky Pure.
      However if your files are invaded then it would seem pointless exercise to back up and restore.

    • Thanks for the advice Andy, but i think ive already been infected because i have the annoying pop up adverts, and its slower than a hibernating tortoise!!
      If you find a software that can get rid let us know.