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  • Jez Jez Jul 25, 2012 11:37 Flag

    Oh Dear!!!!

    Looks like Snoddy is off


    Colin has some serious dealing to do if we are to replace him, but the bigger question now is why hasnt he stayed? The bumper contract was there so its not about the money, so you can only presume that he is not happy with the ambition of the club which is very surprising considering the players Colin has brought in, and also secured Aidy White to a new contract.
    Maybe he cant wait another year to play in the premiership and has decided that Norwich offer him the best chance of fulfilling his ambition.
    They say no player is bigger than the club but he is going to be a big big loss for us, but we move on and see who Colin brings in with the money from this sale. MOT

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    • Norwich, with the captures of Johnson, Howson, and, now Snodgrass, in its midfield engine room, must feel like it has replaced Leeds’ in the Premiership – unfortunately for Norwich, any feelings of replacing Leeds as a top club, by recruiting its stand-out players, is misguided.
      Leeds United is more than the sum of its players. Johnson, Howson, and Snodgrass played well for Leeds – though each had their failings – but they were not essential to the club’s success.
      The club’s success is predicated on its fan-base (locally and internationally, and its ability to fill stadia) which, despite Ken Bates’ attempts to act on his 1985 vow to destroy Leeds United, remains strong.
      When Bates is, eventually, out of the equation, and with new owners actually investing in the club’s potential, Leeds United will re-establish itself as one of the top clubs in England and Europe – and former players like Johnson, Howson, and Snodgrass will be no more than minor sub-notes in the club’s history.

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      • Don't agree, Andy. The likes of Johnson , Howson and Snoddie were vital to Leeds success and I'm sure they loved their time at the club. But they've got to move on if nowt's happening at base and if they aspire to better themselves. Such is life, but you can't criticise these guys. The new season's a couple of weeks away and still it's a fuskcing shambles as regards respect to you guys and the the great Leeds fans out there.
        The club needs lift off in morale, straight talking and facts thrown out from whoever eventually decides to take over, and then there'll be a queue of length of good players wanting to pack their bags and set off for Elland Road.
        H---still watching the paint dry.

      • PS Jonny Howson must explain why he chose Norwich over Leeds, or, as a traitor, never show his face again in this city.

    • I just think its a clear indication that Bates is still in charge.

      Snoddy has an insiders knowledge that Bates has no prospects for Leeds and that he is still just trying his hardest to destroy Leeds United any way he can