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  • Andrew Andrew Aug 1, 2012 19:26 Flag

    When (or will!) will this takeover ever take place?

    The title is taken from Bryan’s post on the Ramon Nunez thread.
    After months of speculation and rumour about the Leeds takeover, we are still as much in the dark about the ownership of our club as we were during Bates’ regime. The whole business stinks of Bates’ footprint secrecy. The only difference, and the only glimmer of hope, is that Bates has been, uncharacteristically, silent. This leads to the questions all Leeds fans are asking: has Bates gone or is he just playing possum? When the new season starts, and the transfer window is closed, will we told that the takeover has failed? On the other hand, dare we dream that the Middle Eastern consortium alleged to be buying the club will provide Leeds with the funds for it to follow, or even out do, Man City?
    Neil Warnock’s ‘sell to buy’ recruitment dealings suggest that, at present, Leeds has no money to invest in the playing part of the club – a la Bates, but with the difference that we are buying as well as just selling!
    Neil Warnock, IMO, has done a pretty good job, on a budget, of building a strong side from the back. And his talk of “icing on the cake” implies that he knows funds are there to make a few additional ‘marquee’ signings.
    I can’t imagine that Neil Warnock would still be at the club unless he believed that he had a better than evens chance of achieving his ambition of another, record breaking, promotion. But, remember, it was Bates who persuaded Warnock to take the Leeds manager job and, for me, all this Bates radio silence, secrecy, ‘bargain buying’, and mentions of offshore bankers/property developers, still stinks of Bates’ doings. It would not surprise me if Bates was in fact a part of the consortium that is “buying” Leeds – or, as the first announcement on the official Leeds site put it, “investing in the future” of the club.

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    • The bearded old bugger must be on his way out Jez. The fee for Peltier announced as undisclosed is I believe 700K. Al informed me that he "chipped in" a couple of quid to seal the deal. Must be flush. :-)

    • The bearded old bugger must be on his way out Jez. The fee for Peltier announced as undisclosed is I believe 700K. Al informed me that he "chipped in" a couple of quid to seal the deal. Must be flush. :-)

    • Shades of McDonald Bailey in the fifties Andy. Lasted one game when he turned out for Leigh RL after winning a Bronze for us in Helsinki 1952.

    • Agreed,Jez! Regardless of how we play, if we can start each game with reasonable confidence of winning it will be a pleasure to follow Leeds – in contract to the agony it has been for years.
      To be fair to Warnock, he did say that his concerns were more about the players’ fitness than tactics, which he will work on in what’s left of the pre-season, and I imagine he is as frustrated as us about this silent takeover – he now has less than a week to get a new team to gel!
      Doubtless, Bates is behind the delay. Getting rid of “old grey beard” will be like scraping shit off your shoe, knowing its been trampled all over your house – the smell will remain, somewhere, long after 18 August 2012.

    • 'Good thought, Tom! But Usain Bold has just said he wants to play for Man U!

    • A few of my friends went to the Preston game and they express the same view about the "anti football", but Warnock has never been renowned for having teams that play you off the park with beautiful football. His teams are usually very well organised with hard working players who play to his system, and grind out results on a consistent basis. It might not be easy on the eye but il take it all day long if we end up in the premiership, but the trouble is how much will the Leeds fans put up with it if we arent challenging at the top come christmas. Thats why he needs to add the spark that you mention, and i still think that he will do this despite claiming that we are skint.
      He is a shrewd operator and i expect some more movement in the next week with some more players coming in, just hoping and praying that old grey beard is on the way out before the 18th.

    • Jez, I appreciate your take on Neil crying ‘poor mouth’ as a bargaining chip excuse; it is the ‘spin’ many fans are putting on the club’s frugal, ‘sell to buy’, recruitment policy, but I don’t believe it. I don’t think other clubs, target players, or their agents, would fall for it either. If you were selling, say, a car and a potential buyer said “I don’t have much money”, would you sell for less?
      Neil Warnock is operating in the transfer market under Bates’ rules. The only glimmer of hope is that, unlike in the past, some of the money from player sales is being ploughed back into purchases – suggesting a policy change so slight that it is more likely to be influenced by “new investors” rather than new owners.
      On a budget, Neil Warnock has, to his credit, assembled a solid Leeds squad, not unlike the one with which he got promotion for QPR. The only difference is that this Leeds squad lacks a Taarabt – the one player that made a difference to Neil’s QPR succeeding or failing.
      Did you watch the PNE v Leeds game? Despite the win, and excellent goals from our young defenders, most think we played ‘anti-football’. For sure, the game was a fitness test, and we didn’t have new signings like Austin and Peltier playing, but without a spark to ignite the Leeds team the season ahead could be boring and disappointing.
      Leeds needs investment; as it has done for the past seven years – no Bates-style, penny-pinching excuses!

    • I think Colin is playing the game coming out and saying that he wants 2 more players but doesnt think we can afford them, so he can get players much cheaper than trying to do deals with everyone knowing he has a big pot of money. Im very impressed with all the players he has brought into the club, and who would have thought we would be sitting here 2 weeks before the start of the season with a defence that looks rock solid, and 10 yes 10 new players signed, and not one loanee amongst them!! Like he says another 2 attacking players added to the squad and we are looking very strong in all areas.
      The fact KB has been silent for so long means that this takeover is still going through because he could not help himself if it had fallen through coming out and spouting off how yet another pretender had fallen by the wayside and couldnt put their money where their mouth is.
      Keep the faith guys, even in a worst case scenario that sees KB still at the helm come 18th August, the team we have is capable of pushing for promotion and with Colin in charge you know that he is going to do everything possible to make that happen. MOT

    • Andy ref pacy winger. Just spotted Warnock tonight talking to Usain about a possible switch to football. Pacy enough? :-)
      Jamaican Rumba

    • Never on a Sunday! Rumours about press conferences announcing "The Takeover" have been spread for the past two months, naming every day of the week (usuallly Tuesday or Saturday!), yet nothing has materialised and I doubt that this rumour about Wednesday will be any different! As his parting shot, I imagine Bates (Hades) enjoying every minute of Leeds fans' frustration as he continues to keep us in the dark

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