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  • Andrew Andrew Aug 5, 2012 16:57 Flag

    El Hadji Diouf

    Whatever happened to the rumours about Neil signing Diouf?
    Also, in no particular order:
    Charlie Austin,
    Johnny Russell.
    David Templeton,
    Liam Lawrence,
    Nicky Maynard,
    Lewis McGugan,
    Dave Kitson,
    Geroge Boyd...
    With others...
    All early transer targets that rumours have gone quiet on.
    I would like to see any or all on the list, above, at Leeds but doubt that they would meet the "icing on the cake", take-your-breath-away, 'marquee' signing expectations of most Leeds fans.
    'Any thoughts, Lads?

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    • Here we go then---took longer than I thought.


    • Now that Dioufy is a Leeds hero, with the potential to become a legend, I'd like to claim some bragging rights for supporting him from the start ( - ;

    • We in this country dislike spitting as a form retaliation Al and rightly so but it seems to be part of continental behaviour to show their disapproval in such a manner. Who can forget 1978 FIFA World Cup match ... The referee sent both Rijkaard and Völler off, and Rijkaard spat in Völler's hair a for a second time.
      I will reserve judgement until.....Warnock ordering extra sized gum shield for Douffy.

    • I didn’t like Warnock before he became Leeds manager. Warnock didn’t like Diouf (“Sewer Rat”) before he became a Leeds player… Things move on, and you have to hope they’re for the better.
      As with Taarabt and Barton at QPR, Neil will know that Diouf presents Leeds with potential discipline problems – problems that a weaker manager would avoid. Fortunately for us, Warnock is a strong manager who knows what it takes to build a winning team – one that delivers consistency over predictability, flair over formula, and fear in its opponents… in short, a Leeds team with a Bremner ‘no surrender’ philosophy.
      Remember when Leeds played Donny with Diouf in their team? Diouf was running the game and our lads were packing it until Warnock intervened. We now have the best of both on our side and should be cheering rather than booing.
      Remember also that Vinnie Jones was not anyone’s most popular player when we acquired him and look at how that signing turned out!

    • With all due respect, Tom, don't think the media will have to wait for long.
      H---spit shield supplier.

    • Well said Lotto.Every club has an element of "blinkered fans" (polite term for prats) we are no different. You never boo your own. Ok so everyone has a right to express an opinion especially those paying. My opinion is that Douffy has signed for us therefore he is one of us and until he proves otherwise lets give the guy a chance. My biggest fear will be the media will be waiting as they do to do what they do best and don't need any encouragement from elements in the KOP.

    • Hey, now come on guys, the bloke's a fuskcing moron, end of. Might have the touch of class now and again, but what a detrimental injection of club morale. I know you won't be offended---just my opinion.

    • A mix today a few boos mixed with Diouuuuuuuf there will always be idiots remember Mark Aizlewood and how his career ended at Elland Road? I was there not a pretty sight! I'm sure they will warm to him the guy has the quality and I don't particularly like him and probably never will but would I boo him NO, will I support him if he puts the effort in YES. MARCHING ON TOGETHER remember!

    • Quite agree Andy!
      Whilst the guy is wearing our shirt he should be treated with respect. Colin will utilise him in the right way and he is undoubtedly a very talented player despite his faults

    • 'Hated the booing of Diouf. Whatever his rep, Diouf is a Leeds player now, his talent is undisputed and, IMO, his signing is an inspired move by Warnock - a manager with enough experience to handle loose cannons like Diouf and Taarabt!

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