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  • Andrew Andrew Aug 9, 2012 18:16 Flag


    A rumour, unofficially attributed to LUST, has it that the deal fell through because Bates added a demand that he should receive 50% of the money due when/if Leeds is promoted - that's like selling a house and demanding 50% of the next owner's resale money! It is ridiculous but the Leeds OS "investment" statement, reading between the lines, hints at something like: "The first priority must be to ensure that the credibility of any future investor or ultimate owner is such, that the Leeds legacy (money) and its future is in (Bates') safe hands, back in the Premiership."
    Meanwhile, two days before the first game of the season, we are back to Batesonomics with Warnock forced to sell more players whilst the money from those already sold goes missing.
    One of the most gauling things about this sorry business is that some Leeds fans are still hailing Bates as our saviour!

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    • Surprise, surprise!
      Master Bates has done it again. Whatever the reason for the collapse, it will surely be down to some ridiculous demand made by Bates to protect himself and his cronies from prosecution or a demand for some ludicrous amount of money which no one would be prepared to pay.
      The only way to get him out now is for the fans to hit him in the pocket and stay away. It might mean us finishing up in the conference, but I would accept that if he was gone.
      I truly believe he only bought the club in order to destroy it, so let's try and destroy him if at all possible.
      The situation now is worse than ever as nobody knows what has gone on behind the scenes. Let's hope something is published in the Arabian Gazetter that might shed some light on this matter. As I was worried all along that it had dragged on too long, my worst fears have been realised.

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      • I do believe that we have reached a stage of real crisis for our club. I have never liked or trusted Bates from day one. However with the coming of Warnock the vast majority of supporters were content that we were moving in the right direction especially with the prospect of new ownership. Warnock has more than raised the expectations of the fans with the quality of his signings to the point that I was down at ER with a view to investing in a season ticket for the first since Bates arrived. Needless to say my cash stayed put. You are so right about Bates Bryan. He plays his mind games from the sanctity of his cell in Monaco and has no intentions of releasing the club from his grasp until he is sure of getting away without fear of the past catching up on him. I feel certain that if he shows his face at ER again that he will wish that he hadn't.
        What now. Well we have the makings of a squad who on paper should put us in a position to challenge effectively for honours this season. We seem to have cover in all areas with the exception of a striker with pace and stature, capable of holding up and laying off in and out of the box and not frightened to put it about as they say to "bully in the box"
        I do also feel that we have to really get behind Warnock and the team without demonstrations in or around the ER. It is not the fault of Warnock or the players. Bates will continue to be Bates until circumstances rid us of this "vile creature"

      • Staying positive... I used to play a lot of Football Manager and whenever there was a takeover being processed, they would always say that talks had broken down.. before the takeover went through a week later... fingers crossed!

        Bates is a shyster tho!! And Pugh on the transfer list, while we talk about a lack of depth?!?! Baffling