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    The title says it all BATES OUT!

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    • Sounds good Peter, I listen to live commentary if I don't get to games google Ustream Mighty Whites or Ustream Leeds Utd, I start a new job soon so will have more weekends free hopefully to see a Bates free Leeds ;)

    • We can only hope, because I am sick of seeing us bring in players who we have obviously scouted extensively from obscure leagues and then never giving them a good go...

      Rogers, Nunez, Einarrson, Joel Griffiths, Grella (to a degree), Somma (before his loan spell)....

      Lotto, I usually follow text updates on BBC. The rights here used to be owned by Fox Sports, who have EPL and used to show an early Champ game live and highlights throughout the week. I have a Foxtel Subscription (Pay TV) so could watch that.

      Now, Setanta Sports have just bought the Champ rights; 3 live games a week and many replays. Setanta is an additional add-on for my Foxtel package so I will be sorting that out soon!

      I scour the web for any highlights I can get and they are actually becoming more accessible to be honest

    • Neil has transfer listed Nunez and Rogers – both, probably, better players than Foure – because, presumably, they don’t fit his style of football – a defence based, counter attacking, long-ball system. Nunez and Rogers (and from the little I know of him, Foure) are quick, tricky players who create opportunities from the midfield, whereas Warnock wants his midfield to support an attack after a ball has been knocked up to his forwards – I have not seen Paddy Kenny pass a ball to a Leeds player once, for Leeds to keep possession and try to create play from the midfield. Maybe, after the Blackpool match, in which Warnock’s long ball tactics merely invited more opponent possession and attacking threats, he will review his game plans and, with no prospect of signing new players, revalue Nunez and Rogers as potential game-changers.

    • Peter do you ever manage to listen to the commentary's bearing in mind the time difference? M.O.T

    • Young Faure was on trial with us but has signed for Rangers instead.. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/19335942

    • When he eventually sells, BIG (LUST)is going to tell all I can't wait but I bet we all know the truth anyway.

    • Another rumour has it that the haggling, and delay in reaching a deal, is about majority share ownership, with Bates wanting to retain his hold on the club and only looking for “investment” whilst the potential buyers/investors want full control… But, as Bates said in his programme notes, it’s all “pub gossip”.
      As ever, Bates is in control and despite his oleaginous claims to be working for the club’s best interests, Leeds continues to charge Premiership prices, sell player assets, restrict its manager to a L1 recruitment budget, and loses money to questionable, opaque, non-core, and “loss-making” projects.
      Lotto, for sure, Bates not only wants but needs confidentiality agreements to hide his dubious offshore dealings. The new buyers/investors, having scrutinised his books, could use their findings as a stick to beat him with.
      Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) are critical to the deal and are, probably what keeps Bates at the negotiating table.
      I’d guess (and this is the equivalent of pub gossip) that Bates is using brinkmanship. The longer he holds off signing a deal, and thereby releasing funding to Warnock, the more the new owners/investors will panic about the club’s immediate future.
      Central University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (check the acronym) or what!

    • Yeah the rumours (god yeah rumours) are Bates is holding it up wanting a confidentiality agreement emmmmmm I wonder why!!!!! M.O.T

    • I've seen the photos now and it's definitely not Sheikh Saoud Bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani, or at least I'd be surprised if it was.
      I still believe that if the bid is going ahead we will hear this week or else it will be dead and buried.

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