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  • Andrew Andrew Aug 18, 2012 19:39 Flag

    Goal Difference

    Over the season, clean sheets are a sure way to keep the GA column lean and, if we can keep adding points to the Pts column, Leeds will end in the top six.
    Today, after a clean sheet win, we are joint fifth in the Championship table whilst Watford, who conceded two but scored three, are in fourth place.
    For today’s first game results not to reflect finishing positions, Leeds needs to find more goals. As well as our lads did today with Neil’s defensive, long ball tactics, the team is lacking depth and short of players capable of scoring those extra goals to challenge for auto promo.
    Despite Neil’s excellent recruitment activities, Leeds has continued to spend less on new players than it has received from the sale of its star players – Bates’ regime, which has milked the club for years, is still in place. With the transfer window closing at the end of August, it looks as if Bates is stalling on the takeover in order to frustrate the club’s ability to invest and progress – why would he do this? ‘Any thoughts?

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    • Bit of a reality check, lads. Hollaway a good manager who knows the ropes. Anyway, I'm not talking about football---fuskc it.
      H---and Robin Hood can piss off as well.

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      • Al, (Nobby-No-Goals!) I understand your frustration about Pool’s shaky start to the season but it is different to the frustration Leeds is experiencing.
        What’s the average attendance at Vic Park and how much do you pay for a ticket – 5k and £10? I’m guessing. Last Saturday, Leeds had an attendance of 23,745, for a game that was shown on Sky TV, and my ticket cost £36 – I could have attended any Premiership match for less!
        Leeds fans attend in numbers and pay premium prices yet the club has a budget for players that a L1 side’s manager would laugh at. Our frustration is that we know we are being ripped-off but can’t do anything about it.
        Last night, the attendance at Bloomfield Road was circa 14k, and 1,700 of that were Leeds supporters! Yet Blackpool can assemble a decent squad while Leeds has “no funds” to recruit quality players.
        Ian (Ollie) Holloway may be a manager who knows the ropes, as is Neil (Colin) Warnock, but without adequate funding the best manager in the world would fail. I think you don’t really get what it is to have a cancer like Bates destroying the club you love.

    • Good start lads, keep it up. But, calm down, dears, calm down.

      H---Your ex guy Walton, built like Duncan Edwards. Looks the part but couldn't get into the game at all. Looked nervous and low on confidence.

    • Rest assured Andy and Bryan to coin a movie theme "if we build it they will come" The goals are there and Warnock is steadily building it from the back onwards 1-0 will suite me fine every time. There are goals a plenty across the forward line and with a bit more composure we could have scored three. Yes it would be nice to have a 20 plus striker in the team but for me I would prefer to have goals coming from many rather than one for obvious reasons. Doufy could be the controller that is missing from the midfield and would offer an alternative to the long ball to LB.
      Quietly confident and bugger Bates. Lets lay the mid-week jinx and keep another clean sheet at Blackpool.

    • We do need to find more goals and a proven goalscorer is badly needed. We need a 'Sniffer' badly, but where do you find one.
      I don't know what game Bates is playing, but if he is deliberately holding up the takeover as you suggest it will rebound on him for sure. My only other thought as to the hold up is that if the buyers are from the middle east, Ramadan finishes this weekend (or possibly Monday) and maybe they are waiting for that to announce the deal. Who knows, but I am getting mighty sick of all the games being played with the fans heads, and I worry that it will eventually affect the players. If some of these lads have been signed in the belief that a takover is happening and then it doesn't, team morale will really suufer.