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  • Andrew Andrew Aug 19, 2012 18:24 Flag

    Blackpool v Leeds

    Blackpool 4-4-2

    Eardley, Baptiste, Evatt, Crainey;
    Osourne, Taylor-Fletcher, Ferguson, Gomes;
    Ince, Dicko (would be Phillips but he’s a wantaway)

    Leeds 4-2-3-1

    Peltier, Lees, Pearce, Dury;
    Norris, Austin;
    Diouf, McCormack, Varney;

    After Saturday’s high-energy performance, our lads may not be as sharp on Tuesday; but the same will apply to the Seasiders’ players. This game is likely to be more of a slug-fest than a Mohammed Alli dance. Experience will count. Blackpool has it in buckets and spades but, although a newly assembled team, Leeds has enough experience to trade blows with any side. Dury, Norris, and Varney know how to deal with Blackpool’s threats; Austin will be break them down; and Diouf will cut them up.
    Haha, on Saturday, when Wolves players were diving in last-ditch attempts to get back into the game, the “Dirty Leeds” chant filled the ground and it was good to hear! To mis-quote Bob Dylan, “My dreams are made of iron and steel with a big bouquet of (White) roses hanging down”. Under Warnock, Leeds is once again a team others will fear to play.

    We owe Blackpool one for last season’s humiliation but we’ll just have to hold that revenge in abeyance, until we make new signings, as this will not be an easy game…
    Blackpool 1-1 Leeds

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    • Dunster, thanks for your best wishes – much appreciated - but until we get investment the best we can do is tread water, as happened tonight against Blackpool. We were played off the pitch. Leeds dug in, but that was it! Blackpool had passing, movement and pace, whilst Leeds was unable to create anything because it lacks the marquee signings that Bates has denied us.
      Until Leeds-hater Bates leaves we will continue to struggle and, although he knows he has to go, you can bet he will hang on until after the last minute of the transfer window in order to cause maximum damage to our season, putting a final two fingers up to Leeds fans.

    • Good luck tonight and for the rest of the season. I hope you have something to cheer you at long last.

    • Love the comparison, and I also believe it will be down to the managers.
      From the little I have seen of Blackpool (who I supported from the age of 7 - 11 Mathews Mortenson et al), over the last couple of years, they only seem to play one way, and I am sure Colin will be able to frustrate them with his tactics. At least I hope so!
      I will be very happy with a draw, not too disconsolate if we lose and exstatic if we win!

    • Blackpool v Leeds could come down to managers and be Holloway v Warnock – as one hails from the West Country and the other resides there, it could equally be Yokel v Grokel!
      With home-side advantage, a full squad, ‘parachute’ money, star players, and the momentum from a nearly successful campaign last season, it would seem that ‘the Yokel’ holds all the aces. In contrast, ‘the Grokel’ has had to sell assets and move to put a team together on a shoestring budget.
      It doesn’t look like a fair competition – the Yokel should win hands-down! However, like the economy of the West Country, that relies on visitors (Grokels) it is also dependant on the new ideas outsiders (Grokels) bring – for some reason (maybe the cider!) they don’t seem to have any of their own.
      Ian (‘Ollie’) Holloway is a larger-than-life character who is always good for a ‘ew ahrr’ quote in the media but, as a football brain, he’s a clotted ingredient short of a Cornish cream tea.
      On Tuesday, between Yokel and Grokel my money will be on the latter.
      ( - :

    • Leeds salute, Lotto. The buzz is back and, against the odds, we're MOT!

    • 1 nil Leeds mate M.O.T ;)

    • I would be very happy with a draw, but even happier if we manage to sveak it. Let's hope Varney as something to prove in this game.