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  • Andrew Andrew Aug 24, 2012 18:59 Flag

    Peterborough v Leeds

    Peterborough United – 4-4-2
    Alcock, Brisley, Zakuani, Ntlhe;
    Bostwick, Newell, Frecklington, Tomlin;
    Boyd, Taylor.

    Leeds United – 4-2-3-1
    Peltier, Lees, Pearce, Dury;
    Austin; Norris;
    Diouf, McCormack, Varney;

    Posh has some good players (Boyd, Taylor, and watch out for Ntlhe) but as long as Neil does not ‘experiment’ with the side (as he did against Blackpool!) then Leeds should have the strength, experience, and organisation to win this match.

    Prediction: Posh 1-2 Leeds

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    • Stalemate then Andy! I think were all sick of it dragging on daft rumours about administration I really don't c that happening as Leeds has always made him money. He will wait till the transfer deadline has passed as a final kick in the teeth!

    • 'Fare to Middleton', Al - but not being Leeds you won't know what the WYPT I'm on about.

    • The latest rumour on the T/O is that Bates is stalling over indemnity clauses - he wants assurances that if any of his past dealings come to light the club, and not he, will be held responsible. For instance, if it is found that the administration was illegal the club, and not Bates et al, will be prosecuted. I just can't see anyone agreeing to his terms - it would be like buying Fred West's house and assuming liability for the bodies buried in the cellar!

    • If you spot the deliberate mistake you go into the pot for a holliday in Wigan.

    • I was in the shed the other day having a secret slurp or 2, and just thinking about Tyrone. He's definitely in bother next week, any knives in the drawer he needs to get rid of quick.
      And a good 2 points for you guys---Pools kept a clean sheet again.

    • Forgot to add and a copy of the Weatherfield Gazette Al for good measure.
      Soapy Joe

    • Andy says stick to the shed with a couple of bottles Al much safer! :-)

    • Bizarre one Al weather in Billog was great :).
      Andy we can only guess, it will all come out whether that be if the T/O fails or goes through it will all come out in the end hopefully with an extradition! M.O.T

    • I wanna do a bit of work in the garden tomorrow, Andy. What's the weather gunna be like.

    • I tyhink I may have said this before, but the only way to get rid of Bates is to hire a hit man!
      The guy is even worse than I thought. No one will ever invest as he will constantly change the goalposts on any deal. I believe quite sincerely now that his aim is to slowly destroy the club.
      What other takeover of a club has lasted this long? Why has LUST suddenly shut up? Why has there been no word from the would be 'investors'? All questions that no one will answer and eventually this will get to the players. I believe some of them may have only signed on the promise that investment was imminent, and the longer this takes to resolve one way or another it will eventually affect the team if it has not done so already.
      An adequate win today, but no more. As Andy said we should have buried them and didn't. If we don't in future with the weaker teams then we will do no better than mid table again..
      On the bright side if we had won 2-0 we would have been 4th and it would have been more satisfying, and even so we are 6th and from my perspective have 2 more points than I thought we would have had after 3 games, so at this stage I am not unhappy.

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