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  • BRYAN BRYAN Aug 27, 2012 07:29 Flag

    Deal or no Deal

    After reading the statement from LUST http://lufctrust.squarespace.com/blog/
    it appears that Master Bates is doing just that!
    This man is worse than a cancer trying to keep his nefarious dealings under wraps, and it is just possible that that he will scupper a deal that should have happened at least 6 weeks ago.
    Surely he must realise that the powers that be will have been watching this situation closely, and no matter what he insists on happening to cover up his tracks will be investigated no matter what.
    So, KB, it looks like you may have dug a hole for yourself this time. If you don't sign for the takeover to happen, the SFO or others may well start an investigation to see what you are covering up, and if you sign without getting your assurances from the buyers you will almost certainly be exposed in the future.
    It could of course be that he just wants to cause us the most pain by waiting till the transfer window is closed and try to prevent us from making the signings he knows we need to have a chance of promotion and deal one final blow to his favourite morons.
    Whatever his reasons I can only wish that it all rebounds on him and his final years are passed in misery!

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