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  • Jez Jez Aug 31, 2012 09:04 Flag

    Too little, too late.

    Saw this article on the Scratching shed last night that i thought id share with you. http://www.thescratchingshed.com/2012/08/ken-bates-calls-for-peace-talks-with-lusc/
    Old grey beard looks increasingly isolated with just about everyone involved with the club calling for him to step down and finalise this takeover. Even the master puppet Shaun Harvey has been seen having cosy meetings with LUST so could this be a last ditch attempt to get the fans onside? Who knows what this is all about, but its much too little far far too late. I do not see any way back for him even if the takeover does fall through and we are left back at square 1 with him still in charge.

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    • According to an article in yesterdays Sun by Andrew Dillon, quote "Bates Ken Go the writer intimates that a deal will be done in 72 hours by the middle east consortium GFC. The Sun think that the take over could be in the region of £50 Million and that the new chairman,would be David Haigh. Apparently the news was out 24 hours previously so all could be imminent today ish. There are those still loyal to Bates who continue to believe that the sun shines out of his .....lets hope that this is not one of his ploys to frustrate those faithful to the cause. Devious B. On reflection £50 mill seems overpriced for the purchase of the club minus the ground and Thorpe Arch.