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  • Tom Tom Sep 1, 2012 22:06 Flag

    Wot no comments chaps.

    Forget about Bates for now, forget about the lack of last day signings for now what will be will be. Well done Warnock and the lads 0-2 down and all seemed lost. Make no mistake this team will not capitulate like their predecessors'. Shame we could not hold on to the lead blame the ref for that, seventh place could have been equal first such is the fine line in this league between success and failure. Welcome aboard Doofy lets see what you can really Doof for us when you shed a few pounds as I am sure you did to sign for us.
    MOT and on to down the red bluebirds.

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    • Usually, I try to start a match day thread. I had no spare time last week… I hoped one of you guys might step in.
      The Blackburn match was certainly an emotional rollercoaster: I went from despair to elation and back again!
      Until we sorted our vulnerability on the right, it looked as if Blackburn would paste us 0-4 at least. Then, when NW shifted Diouf to a position where he could be effective, and exploited the weaknesses in Blackburn’s defence, the pendulum swung in our favour. The result could/should have been Leeds 4-2 Blackburn, at least!
      This close season Blackburn has spent £30m on players while Leeds (taking into account player sales and its one-out-one-in policy) spent less that it has earned from player sales. Money talks and, on paper, this match should have been a nailed-on Blackburn win.
      To use Neil Warnock’s favourite, though uncharacteristically ‘motherly’, phrase, “our lads did ever so well”.
      However, the reason I have not commented on the game until now is because I have been seething about the blatantly biased refereeing of the man in the middle, Neil Swarbrick. After four days I am still seething and wondering whether some Venky money was spent on more than players!

    • Great result boys, emotional rollercoaster over here but very happy indeed... MOT