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  • There is a whole lot of nothing on this site and it reflects what isn't happening at Leeds.
    I suspect that some posters, and ex-posters (Aussie Pete and B4ts), still support Bates' regime but it is hard to see why when the old goat has done so much damage to Leeds already and continues to do so with his signature secrecy.
    If Bates does not sell and remains in charge, I wonder what arguments his few remaining supporters will use to justify his continued presence and the further demise of Leeds.

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    • A fit Jenas yes Lotto but another walking wounded we don't need.
      Bring on the "kids" I say ,don't know what all the doom and gloom is all about. Could have been equal top but for a poor referee last match. Strikers on a fortnight shooting practice should do the trick and Paddy to lessen the distance of his boot outs if you take the point.

    • Andy, I agree wholeheartedly, in as much as this takeover farce has definitely affected my desire to post any sort of comments at the moment.
      I am so frustrated as to what is happening, that I don't want to do or say too much until an announcement is made.
      If this is how it is affecting the fans, just think of the effect it is having on the players, some of whom must have been enticed to the club on the promise of the takeover happening, and that the good times might roll again because of it.
      Bates must surely realise he is now in a no win situation. His morons among the fans who support him may well be the only ones to tuen up on match day, at least I hope and pray that will happen if he stays.
      If the Venkys think they are getting stick at Blackburn I dread to think of the consequences and the pouring out of hatred towards Bates if he calls this off, as it will make the Venkys feel they have been to a tea party in comparison.
      I feel really sorry for Colin, who in my opinion has done a great job on the limited resources he has been handed, and would not be surprised if he walks should Bates stay.
      Praying every night for a positive outcome - JC Superstar!

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      • Aye up. Bryan, if only Bates’ morons turn up on match days that puts Lotto and me, at least, in the category. I may be a moron but I am savvy enough to realise that Bates is destroying Leeds. I certainly do not support Bates and, during the past two years, I have not heard one single fan say that they still believe Bates saved Leeds.
        Like all Leeds fans, I scan the media each day for news about the takeover and/or new signings. Even after the transfer window closed, with no news, and I felt despondent, I continued to check the media for any glimmer of hope that some investment, any, might be forthcoming to enable Leeds to return to the Premiership this season before the drawbridge is pulled up. The Premiership models itself on the NFL in the States (where teams are not relegated!), and clubs not included will remain forever on the outside.
        Ken Bates knows this.
        When the Premiership was being formed Ken Bates opposed it. This was because his Chelsea was not included as one of the elite clubs involved in discussions…Bates’ ‘handbags’ with Arsenal’s David Dein began around this time. Bates was forced out of his position as a leading light in the FA and the New Wembley project; partly by Dein, but mostly because of Bates’ belligerence.
        Bates hates the Premiership – the feeling is probably mutual! The Premiership would not allow Bates to get away with “breaking the rules” (as he once boasted to the Financial Times is the secret of his success), it would demand full disclosure of his “offshore” dealings.
        Bates also hates Leeds United. He is on record as saying he ‘will not rest until Leeds is destroyed’ (or words to that effect), and he has a dilemma: his pet hates, the Premiership and Leeds United (its supporters, us ‘morons’) both want to see him prosecuted. What can Bates do: sell the club, so ownership issues become the responsibility of someone else, or keep it out of the Premiership at this critical time and destroy its future? He is attempting to do both.
        The potential new owners would be fools to buy Leeds without indemnity clauses protecting them from Bates’ dubious dealings which, of course, Bates won’t agree to sign. The Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), which Bates will have insisted upon, will ensure everything about the club and its complex ownership remains hidden (what’s new!) and he will play this out for as long as he can get away with it.
        Ultimately, Bates will sell Leeds but only after he has achieved his objective of destroying the club by ensuring it stays outside of the Premiership.
        Bates is playing a dangerous game of brinkmanship. My hope is that the potential new owners call his bluff, defy his NDAs, expose him for what he is, let the authorities deal with his hidden doings, and allow the clu to progress without Bates as an impediment to Leeds returning to the promised land.

      • He has taken the Soul out of Elland Road, that will only return when he departs. We are all sick and tired of this take over it's a joke! What more can we talk about? No more transfers and although Lust released their update on Leeds finances it really was nothing that we didn't really know.